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QTUM: Blue Chip Crypto With The Lowest Risk/Reward

QTUM: Blue Chip Crypto With The Lowest Risk/Reward
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QTUM Chart With Values Chart for QTUM/USD (1W) There are not many top cryptocurrencies that have gone through the same extent of correction as QTUM. The price of QTUM is still down 96.1% from its all time high. The price declined from $100 in January and fell all the way down to $3.16. If it were any other cryptocurrency, this would be a serious cause for concern. However, the reasons for this decline are pretty clear in the case of QTUM. During the latter half of 2017, QTUM started to see a lot of interest from the crypto community. It was dubbed the “Ethereum Killer” given its strong fundamentals. QTUM combines all the good features from both Ethereum and Bitcoin and run them on an EVM to allow for a more fair proof of stake protocol and more reliable contracts and governance. The concept received a lot of applause which is why QTUM saw one of the most explosive growths in 2017. However, towards the beginning of 2018, China began cracking down on blockchain projects. Projects like QTUM and NEO were hit the worst. As the above chart for QTUM/USD shows, the price fell sharply from January to April. Before it could recover, more FUD from China pushed the price back into a correction that was more extensive and aggressive than before. This has made QTUM of the biggest losers so far. All the hype surrounding Dapps launched on QTUM was suddenly lost. Most of us who have been around at least for the last 12 months, noticed the hype around Pundi X, a Dapp built on QTUM. QTUM Chart With Values Chart for QTUM/BTC (1W) QTUM was emerging as a serious Ethereum contender and it was fighting Ethereum at its own game: ICOs and Dapps. There are still a lot of excellent Dapps hosted on the QTUM blockchain. However, as Patrick Dai, the founder of QTUM himself admits, regulatory uncertainties from China slow them down. At the peak of the FUD and uncertainty, the team nearly gave up on the project, which can be considered a very weak point. Projects like Golem (GNT) kept working on the project even as the correction bled them out of funds. Anyway, the founder of QTUM admits that they made a mistake and learnt from it. He also mentioned that they will pursue marketing for QTUM more aggressively from now on. Major institutional investors have been eyeing QTUM as an emerging Ethereum killer the past few weeks. The whales have had their fun with EOS and TRON and it appears that QTUM is next in line. Considering that the project has very strong fundamentals, all it needs is a little marketing push to put it on the stage. QTUM also has a large community compared to coins of its market cap. There is also a lot of room for growth in the future. Even if the coin were to just rise to its previous ATH of $100 during its next cycle, that would be a 25 times return on investment from current levels! Such returns are not possible with other blue chip coins. This is why QTUM also makes a lot of sense from an investment standpoint, making it the blue chip coin with the lowest risk/reward ratio.

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