Opp Open WiFi To Share Profits With Investors

Opp Open WiFi To Share Profits With Investors
Opp Open WiFi

 aims to provide free access wifi hotspots to all! A supremely innovative business plan incentivises anyone to provide a wifi hotspot for anyone else to access for free! Furthermore, investors will now receive 30% of yearly future profits on the first 70 million tokens sold — one of the first utility token based companies to actually do this.

How does it work?

Research carried out by the company shows that around 80% of people who have paid internet access contracts don’t use all the data they pay for. If that extra unused data can be tapped into and used there is just a staggering amount of value to be had. Opp Open WiFi will pay you for making your unused data available to others. All you need to do is register with them and just download their mobile app or request a home or business router to be activated at home or a place of work — The first 100,000 routers are completely free of charge. Each provider then decides how much data they want to donate to their hotspot and will receive OPP tokens which have monetary value (each token = $0.40). You can use the tokens you earn in various ways such as:

  • spending them on an online retail mall
  • crediting them to your bank account
  • sending the funds to your OPP Credit Card (no bank account required)
  • trading them on a cryptocurrency exchange

If you have more than 1 device OPP Open WiFi will pay you for opening a hotspot on each device. The wifi is totally secure and will be available to be accessed freely by anyone in the vicinity who wishes to use it. The receipt of OPP tokens should enable each hotspot contributor to pay for all or part of the cost of their own internet access contract. Obviously the longer your hotspot is active the more value you will be receiving. Further OPP tokens can be earned by reading sponsor messages or by spreading the word amongst your friends or media followers.

OPP Open WiFi offers investors a share of the profits!

In a first of its kind scheme, OPP Open WiFi will pay 30% of their profits annually to holders of the first 70 million tokens bought during the ICO. As an incentive for investors to hold the token it’s a master-stroke! These profits are only available until 2023 but this is a further sound way of monetising the tokens. The company itself has also really thought through how to generate revenue and has come up with a number of excellent strategies. These include partnering with Amazon, Booking.com, Skyscanner and many others in order to allow hotspot hosts to shop at these sites thereby giving OPP Open WiFi commission on sales. Also, OPP Open WiFi has agreed an MOU (memorandum of understanding) with Permission Media Group Ltd (UK) who are a leading advertising/media agency. This gives them advertising rights on the platform. It appears that this would give OPP Open WiFi 50% of all advertising revenue, forecast to be worth in the order of $20 million annually.


OPP Open WiFi have a sound and well thought through business plan. The beauty of it is that all interested parties gain. The hotspot hosts have all or part of their internet bill paid, internet users have free access to the internet when on the move, advertisers have an audience being paid to view their ads and finally OPP Open WiFi is able to increase its global coverage of free internet. 85,000 hosts are already signed up to OPP Open WiFi so far and the company expects to have 100,000 by the end of the year. Projections are for 25 million hosts within 4 years which would give OPP Open WiFi the global penetration they are after. Marketing and advertising spending in order to achieve these figures is estimated to be $1 per host. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that OPP Open WiFi markets wisely and continues to onboard a steady stream of hosts in order to keep that marketing spend going.

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