Interview With BCH's Bitcoin Jesus, Reveals All

Interview With BCH's Bitcoin Jesus, Reveals All
In a recent interview with CryptoGlobe at the World Blockchain Forum, Roger Ver - or Bitcoin Jesus - spoke about how he discovered Bitcoin and why since that moment he changed his interested to primarily focus on Bitcoin Cash (BCH). CryptoGlobe discussed some of the most noteworthy problems which face Bitcoin Cash today such as the possibility of a 51% attack due to its low hashrate in comparison to Bitcoin. Ver is extremely bullish on Bitmain Bitmain grabbing onto 1 million in Bitcoin Cash despite several analysts seeing this as quite a negative sign. Ver also discussed his vision for and how he aims to promote Bitcoin Cash in the future. The question that Ver was asked was how he got into Bitcoin in the first place.Ver responded saying:
“I heard about Bitcoin for the first time on a radio show called 'Free talk live', which is a libertarian-oriented radio program out of the US and they were talking about it in reference to the Silk Road… so that's why I googled Bitcoin and started looking into it. And I realized that this is going to change everything because now there's suddenly money that nobody can control and people can send and receive it with anyone.”
The interviewer then went on to ask Ver if he believes that Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash still has a lot of value for fresh faces in the crypto space.
“I think from an investor standpoint, you kind of have a second chance with Bitcoin cash, because the ratio between BTC to BCH is like 11:1 at the moment and even if you're more bullish on Bitcoin, getting more traction because it has the Bitcoin name and everybody thinks that it's Bitcoin even though... it has as much money at this point are no longer the same ones that made Bitcoin popular, to begin with.”
Ver then went onto go into his prediction for the future of Bitcoin Cash:
“I'm holding a lot of Bitcoin Cash because I think it's the cryptocurrency that's most likely to have the most traction around the world which means the biggest market cap and the highest price. How soon is the Bitcoin cash prize going to surpass the Bitcoin price, it will happen as soon as people realize that Bitcoin cash is more useful as cash then Bitcoin.”
After the interviewer mentioned Bitcoin Gold had been hit with another 51% attack Ver responded simply with:
The interviewer then went onto say that this was due to Bitcoin Gold having a lower hashrate than BCH and a different algorithm. Then asking Ver if he worries that BCH has the same hashing algorithm as a tenth of Bitcoins?
“No, I don't think we need to change the hashing algorithm but of course you know more hash rate is better than less hash rate, I think it will come to a point in the future where Bitcoin cash more hash rate than Bitcoin. But of course, I'd like to see that happen right now rather than a year from now.”
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