Hyperledger And The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance In Their Latest Partnership

Hyperledger And The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance In Their Latest Partnership
The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) are a group that work towards the one goal that unites the blockchain industry - mass blockchain adoption. According to new reports, EEA have announced a new partnership with Hyperledger, a faction of the Linux Foundation, one that provides a platform for open source collaboration within blockchain projects. This partnership see’s the pairing of two bullish blockchain adoption drivers, both of whom wish to drive the adoption of blockchain forward, right into the mainstream. According to Ethnews.com, a joint statement from EEA and Hyperledger reads as follows:
"The collaboration between our organizations will further accelerate adoption of blockchain technologies for business."
In order to find out more about the potential this new partnership could bring to the blockchain industry, Nathan Graham from Ethnews.com have spoken to the Executive Director of Hyperledger, Brian Behlendorf and the Executive Director of the EEA, Ron Resnick, in order to determine just what the future holds for the pair. Here are some of the stand out points from the interview. For the full piece, you can find a link to the interview transcript in the references! Resnick believes that the partnership between EEA and Hyperledger is a natural one and one that was inevitable, simply because the two companies operations are so complementary to each other, Resnick states:
“We're just naturally aligned because the EEA does not write code. We are a members org. We just write specifications and the code or the software from open-source organizations such as Hyperledger.”
When asked what Hyperledger can bring to the table, Behlendorf states:
“What I think we can bring is potentially a couple of large user bases who now would have the option to not just use Ethereum smart contracts but also participate in their ongoing standardization and development.”
Adoption would not be possible without large customer bases. The industry needs people that are willing to use blockchain products and therefore, a combination of the huge Hyperledger and EEA customer bases can only be a good thing. Finally, when asked about the main goals of this partnership, Behlendorf states:
“The bigger picture is that we are building tools that help markets and information systems be decentralized, or more widely distributed than they have a tendency to be. We have gotten really good in other parts of the tech world in building big central systems that scale up to millions of transactions a second, such as Facebook and Twitter, and that is great if you are an early investor in Facebook or Twitter, but potentially not great if you are in an ecosystem of providers who all become essentially citizens of their state.”
As you can see from our brief coverage of this interview, the Hyperledger and EEA partnership is one that promises very exciting things for the future of blockchain technology. By working with their established customer bases, the pair promise to foster new technologies that aim to make the blockchain more attractive to institutions. Get the institutions on board and the people will follow - that’s the goal of many in this industry and a goal that hopefully a pairing of Hyperledger and EEA will help us all to achieve. References Ethnews.com - Interview by Nathan Graham
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