How A Video Game Could Improve EOS Developers

How A Video Game Could Improve EOS Developers
The main architect behind the EOS.IO platform, Block.One has revealed a new video game in the aim that it will increase the number of EOS developers actively working on the network? The game is called Elemental Battles and is designed to make the EOS.IO coding process easier to understand. Aimed at developers familiar with Javascript and C++. Users will be able to have a go at the game and use the tutorial and toolkit to create their own version. The game takes on a fantasy theme like a card game. In the game, users will try and beat an AI opponent. Users can choose cards based on an element (hence the name) either fire, water, the earth of electricity as well as their point value. Then, when the user's score goes to zero the game is over. The tutorial for the game has different stages for developers to learn each of the steps needed to build a decentralised app on EOS.IO. This includes a run through on how to programme an EOS smart contract, game logic validation and a general guide to programming artificial intelligence code. The plan is that it will enable developers to understand the game which can be created using EOS.IO software. This enables the prospective EOS developers to understand the rudimentary methods of dApp development. Block.One said that it forms part of a new idea in order to increase the programming community on the network. In a statement, Block.One said:
“Since the release of EOS.IO in June, has turned its focus to driving mass adoption of blockchain technology. A key pillar in that mission is to simplify the developer experience and create toolkits to make blockchain development more familiar to programmers from other disciplines.”
The founder and organiser of EOS London, Angus Maidmead spoke to CryptoBriefing on the matter to speak about the game and said:
“It’s a brilliant strategic move by Block.One to make it as easy and fun as possible to learn EOSIO smart contract programming”, he said. “Everyone in the blockchain space is talking about adoption right now – adoption needs users, users need dApps, and dApps need developers.”
EOS.IO is a smart contract-reader blockchain which allows users to create and use dApps. Founded little over a year ago, the original model was intended to be a platform based on the Ethereum network. According to CrytpoBriefing, EOS actually stands for Ethereum Operating System. But now the project has moved onto its own independent blockchain in early June this year. What are your thoughts? Let us know what you think down below!
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