Hoskinson Says Cardano Is Getting Its Feet

Hoskinson Says Cardano Is Getting Its Feet

The 9th biggest cryptocurrency in the world, according to CoinMarketCap, Cardano is in the green and seeing some small gains as it gains its feet. The open letter of Charles Hoskinson and the petition to get rid of the Cardano Foundation Chairmen is a hot topic in the market. Furthermore, Hoskinson shares the Cardano updates that will be coming in the near future. Cardano has a market cap of $1.9 billion and is in the green by 0.63% at the current time of writing and so today has been a good day overall for the currency as it keeps up its upward momentum. Earlier in the week, Cardano rose to $0.078 in tandem with the brief run by the bulls. The price action for this digital currency is between the range of $0.060 and $0.094. Nevertheless, it would see some resistance at $0.077 and $0.089 to an upward course. However, according to CoinGape, the support level is expected to be at $0.065 and $0.070. Cardano has had some stage time as it’s founder Charles Hoskinson wrote an open letter to the community. It says on the companies website:

“If you are a believer in the Cardano vision, if you are an investor in the Cardano venture, or if you simply believe, regardless of the loose regulation of the crypto space, that we still deserve crypto leaders to be accountable and to be brought to justice, then you should sign the petition to allow us to raise our voice and get Mr Parsons to take the appropriate action.”

The petition, mentioned above already has over 2,000 signatures and is titled “Let’s liberate the Cardano Foundation, suspected to be hijacked & paralyzed by its chairman.” Future plans for Cardano were discussed in a recent interview, Hoskinson had with CryptoLark in which they talked about the growth of the Cardano ecosystem and the upcoming events related to development. You can find the interview here:

The CEO is attending a cryptography conference in Toronto at the time of writing in which the team are expected to provide a presentation on Outborors genesis.

“We have so many amazing things coming out,” He said while elaborating, “This is the first time we’ve ever talked about the sharding design that we have for Cardano […] This is the first paper with parallel chains paper that we’ve written so it’s like our take on DAGs and our take on how to share things and we are moving in that direction.”

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