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Bitsnapp Crypto Portfolio Cryptocurrency App Review

Bitsnapp Crypto Portfolio Cryptocurrency App Review
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Bitsnapp App Screenshot Bitsnapp App Screenshot Bitsnapp App Screenshot Bitsnapp is the number one cryptocurrency tracker app for mobile. The app is completely free and offers all the features of other paid apps. With the Bitsnapp app, you will be able to track all your cryptocurrency investments and with the smooth performance and well-designed interface, the app is easy to use. The huge amount of API integrations, exchanges sync, address tracking (including 500+ erc20 tokens), mining pools sync. Privacy and security, no server-side data, everything is saved on your device and using read-only API keys makes it really safe, as you can monitor your exchange balance without logging in (no phishing risk). Even though the app is already easy to use, the developers behind the Bitsnapp are always looking to improve the app by listening to the users to get feedback on how they can better the app. Bitsnapp is also powerful enough for advanced tracking of your favourite digital currencies Bitsnapp means you will never lose track of any cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and almost 2000 different cryptocurrencies more are available for tracking. Each coin has advanced information and live price charts so you are up to date with what is happening. The portfolio API system helps users integrate over 25 different exchanges and can track over 50 different blockchain wallet. As previously mentioned, the well-designed user interface gives you a smoother experience on the app and gives you a better overall view of your crypto portfolio. Being able to track over 50 wallets means that you can automatically sync your balances tracking your wallet addresses. You won’t need to edit your balances everytime you make a transaction since the auto sync is there to do it instead! Just one less thing to worry about! Transactions are completed in the blink of an eye! Thanks to the user interface, the manual transaction is done quick and smooth, giving you more free time to do other things! It’s worth noting that you can also set alarms and notifications which will let you know about recent updates to the markets and makes sure you get the latest news about your tracked cryptocurrencies. Every time the market reaches a point that you are interested in then you will know about it! Security is an important aspect of the app. Your data will never be sent to their servers since everything is stored on your device. Bitsnapp App Screenshot So what are you waiting for? Go to GooglePlay now to keep up to date with your cryptocurrency investments!

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