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You Can Now Swap TRON For Alternative Other Coins
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You Can Now Swap TRON For Alternative Other Coins

TRON has now teamed up with another crypto company, the Satowallet-Multi Crypto wallet and Exchange. The partnership is beneficial for both parties involved, it brings TRON into Satowallet’s roster of supported tokens and also brings in a load of perks for the TRON community for example, customers can swap TRON for other cryptocurrencies, which is one of the biggest features of the Satowallet exchange. The aforementioned partnership with Satowallet and TRON was brought to the public's attention when the Tron Foundation retweeted a post by Satowallet’s CEO, Samuel Benedict on 27th August, who jokingly hinted that the partnership with TRON could be on the table however, he did not go onto explain his tweet.
“Most partnership coming for Satowallet. Tron @Tronfoundation could be next :P”
The deal allegedly went on without any issues and not even a week later, a post made on 6th September on the official Satowallet Multi Crypto wallet and Exchange confirmed the rumours and announced their partnership with TRON. The post stated:
“We are glad to have TRON as one of our partners. Tron @Tronfoundation will be integrated into Satowallet new Android, iOS and PC App on 11th Sept.”
A win win situation  The collaboration is now set in stone and users of the Satowallet platform will now be able to purchase and sell the TRON digital currency. The exchange has an extensive list of cryptos it supports including, Ripple, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and now TRON. The TRON community is set to enjoy some big perks from this partnership between TRON and Satowallet. This includes, no fees for all intra-Satowallet TRON transactions and, as mentioned above, the ability to swap TRON for other cryptocurrencies. The TRON wallet will also be joined into the Satowallet app, this allows users of TRON to trade, swap or HODL their TRON tokens on a trusted platform through its app available on iOS, PC and Android.

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