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V-ID, The Best Fraud Prevention Program  –  And Nobody Knows About It Yet!

V-ID is an incredibly innovative blockchain start-up company, based in the Netherlands, that has engineered a solution to digital fraud!

On-going and wide-scale digitalisation of documents across all strata of society is leading to an ever-increasing growth of forgery and fraud. The media is often full of news of data leaks, identity fraud and the now prevalent ‘fake news’. Our data is often open to attack and manipulation as it passes through devices and non-secure networks.

V-ID guarantees validation and verification of any file in a fail-safe way. File types include: Diplomas and certificates, reports, legal documents, audit trails, inspection certificates, goods documentation and logistic documents amongst many others. Other use cases have also been identified such as photo material and video footage. In fact, even valuable art pieces can be validated and verified by the V-ID platform.

V-ID already has a fully functional working product which has been operational since August 2017. Check out their verification terminal at Once a file is registered on the V-ID platform a recipient of this file can upload it on the V-ID terminal and have its authenticity verified in about 5 seconds. A report of the file is generated and no copies are saved thus being fully compliant with GDPR guidelines.

Clients are already taking advantage of V-ID’s security solutions. These clients include: Airbus Defence & Space (France and England), the European Research Institute ESHRE and the optical fibre supplier Vitrumnet. The fact that such illustrious clients are already using the platform says much for the confidence and trust shown in V-ID and should certainly lead to other big clients in the near future.

V-ID is targeting large industry sectors such as defence, government, education, healthcare, financial services, jurisdiction and law enforcement plus many more. Also, given that a digital verification service is a very new concept, particularly in the world of blockchain, V-ID will be one of the first movers and will be accessing a virtually unlimited market.

An ICO presale will be launched on 15th September in order for V-ID to raise funds to further develop the platform and facilitate market research. The presale features a bonus of 35% for the first 5 days which decreases incrementally by 5% every 5 days until the public sale on 15th October. All tokens not sold will be burned. The lock-up for the founders is 5 years with a 20% release yearly. Soft cap is $1,000,000 and hard cap $8,000,000. V-ID’s partnership with Alterdax guarantees an exchange listing.

There are however some challenges for V-ID to face. They are at present totally under the radar with minimal presence on social media. Whilst good quality posts are being put out they are generally not finding the audience a company of this potential should be getting. V-ID will need to improve its Google ranking and must attract a vastly better following on social media. More reviews and some further partnership news would really help, together with an intelligent marketing drive.


V-ID seeks to be the de-facto solution for document fraud and their plan is to become market leader in digital file fraud protection in the same way that SSL has become ‘THE’ solution for secure internet connections. In a digital world that pervades every single microcosm of society it is unfortunately the case that fraudulent crime will abound. However, V-ID has the robust and trustworthy technology that 100% guarantees the veracity of every digital file it protects. In doing so this company should become a giant in digital security within the not too distant future!


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