Premier League Football Continues To Lend Itself To Bitcoin Adoption

Premier League Football Continues To Lend Itself To Bitcoin Adoption
There’s a big trend in Premier League football at the moment that seems to be bringing in big interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain based sponsorships in football. London based Arsenal seemed to be the first to reach such an agreement and since then, we have seen cryptocurrency related sponsorships open up within a range of other top-flight football clubs, including Tottenham Hotspur and Leicester City with their new eToro sponsorships (among other clubs). Most recently, we are seeing a new partnership between TigerWit and Liverpool FC, arguably one of the most notorious Premier League football clubs in the world. TigerWit have partnered with Liverpool FC to provide FORTEX trading solutions, however the official announcement from the company also ties in with the release of a new blockchain based trading app, also bringing cryptocurrency to the fore within this new sponsorship. What is TigerWit? TigerWit are a UK based trading company, founded to allow for a technological revolution in the way the trading industry thinks and operates. TigerWit believe in the power of the blockchain and see a great future within it, according to the TigerWit website:
“Reconstructing a whole industry doesn’t happen without the disruptive technology to power that evolution. That's why TigerWit is leveraging the power of blockchain and redefining the systems and processes that underpin trading. TigerWit’s distributed trading ledger is founded upon blockchain-based trade settlement, delivering greater efficiency and higher security, transparency and trust.”
The TigerWit app, is going to play a key part in this revolution:
“Intuitive functionality lies at the heart of our app. Sophisticated and nimble in capability but also easy to use. The ability to customise and edit the interface replaces the one-size-fits all approach of other trading apps. With a better user experience at hand, traders can now focus on strategy, tactics and seizing opportunities.”
The Liverpool FC Sponsorship As stated, this is big news since Liverpool FC are considered such a major part of the Premier League and in football in general. With an international fan base and millions tuning in to watch the team play each week, millions of people are going to be exposed to the TigerWit brand. This can only mean that millions will eventually go on to trade on the TigerWit platform right? That’s the dream at least. Tim Hughes, the CEO of TigerWit has said:
“Today is a proud day for TigerWit, we are launching our innovative blockchain-based trading app and partnering with Liverpool FC. TigerWit believes in a market that does not discriminate or play favourites. We have developed a pioneering blockchain-based settlement system that instills trust by delivering greater security and process efficiency. Trading should be, and can be, more transparent and fairer for all traders, regardless of experience or the size of their account.”
Moreover, Billy Hogan, the MD and CEO at Liverpool FC has added:
“As our official Online Foreign Exchange Trading Partner, we are very excited to develop our partnership with TigerWit. Liverpool FC has a large number of fans across the globe, particularly in TigerWit’s core markets in the UK, Europe and Asia. Through this new partnership with TigerWit, we look forward to marketing activations, which help bring our fans around the world even closer to the Club.”
With so many crypto and blockchain based sponsorships now entering the Premier League and other European football leagues, we are seeing more and more crypto brands appear alongside our favourite teams and players. It’s clear that the crypto industry knows there’s a lot of money to be made in football and now, it’s seems that many in the football community are starting to notice that there’s a lot of money to be made in crypto too. References TigerWit - About TigerWit - Liverpool FC Announcement
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