OiCOiN, Spearheading The Osmium Revolution

OiCOiN, Spearheading The Osmium Revolution
OiCOiN is the latest blockchain project to bridge a gap between traditional precious metal investment, though it’s not what you think. With Gold crashing in popularity, OiCOiN believe that Osmium is the next precious metal to revolutionise the jewelry industry, therefore they are giving new investors the chance to jump on board now. OiCOiN are spearheading the Osmium revolution and it’s something you probably want in on. What is Osmium? According to livescience.com:
“Osmium is one of the densest elements in the world. It is a lustrous, bluish white, hard metal and can be brittle even at a high temperature. Within the platinum group, osmium has the highest melting point and the lowest vapor pressure. Osmium tetroxide is a highly toxic powerful oxidizing agent with a strong odor. Because of its density, osmium is often alloyed with other precious metals to make products such as instrument pivots, phonograph needles, and electrical contacts.When naturally combined with iridium, it is used in fountain pen tips.  The tetroxide, obtained from the powdered or spongy form of the metal, can be used to detect fingerprints and stain fatty tissues for microscope slides.”
OiCOiN is built upon a proven process that enables the safe and non-toxic crystallization of Osmium, a process that makes the metal safe to use, something that OiCOiN believe the jewelry industry will be seeking soon enough, as the value of Gold falls and as the intrinsic value of Osmium continues to climb. According to OiCOiN:
“In decades of research a crystallization process has been developed which changes Osmium in a stable non-toxic element. In the future Osmium will be established in the jewellery industry as well as a product for investors. It is 4000 times rarer than gold! No other company has the know how for crystallization. Therefore it is a safeguard that everybody who wants to deal with Osmium will come to our company. This is similar to a global monopoly.”
OiCOiN have the ability to monopolise on this crystallization process that makes Osmium perfect for use in jewellery, this is where you come in, the crypto community. Introducing OiCOiN OiCOiN is an Ethereum ERC-20 based token that is designed to give holders a revenue. Unlike many investment opportunities, OiCOiN isn’t an investment that promises a one off profit, instead, it promises token holders a guaranteed revenue, a source of income that is only set to rise through the popularity of Osmium as a material for use in jewelry. OiCOiN is now set to embark on a token sale, one that will be used to issue OiCOiN tokens to new prospective investors, and of course, to raise the funds needed to help OiCOiN expand on their monopoly. The OiCOiN Roadmap It’s a long one. This is a project that has been in the works since 1998, when the first experiments took place that have led to the discovery of OiCOiN’s crystallization process, a process that wasn’t mastered until 2012, proving just how much work has truly gone into this. The inclusion of a native token and blockchain technology came around 2016, when the project saw its first wave of global marketing. The future is bright for this project. With the ICO set to take place over the next few months, OiCOiN then plan to grow their product, through listings on various exchanges and through the development of Osmium institutes. By 2019, OiCOiN expect to see the development of 4 new global Osmium institutes a year, with a final end goal of 100 institutes to be set up across the world. In the meantime, OiCOiN will be marketing Osmium as a safe and valuable product to the jewellery market, by 2020, OiCOiN expect themselves to be fully integrated into this industry and expect that Osmium use within jewellery and luxury items will see a huge surge by then. OiCOiN have found a very specific product, they have mastered the craft and now want to share it with the world. This can only be made possible through investment, but it’s an investment that looks to offer a healthy return, not as a profit but as a genuine revenue. There will always be a demand for jewellery. Soon enough, people will want to see alternatives to Gold, Silver and Platinum, it seems that a safe and stable Osmium is the perfect solution to that. OiCOiN have the key to providing the industry with a safe Osmium and therefore, OiCOiN are about to embark on a totally revolutionary process, one that should be met with both great optimism and excitement. For more information, visit the OiCOiN website, here.
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