Check Out If You Can Spend Bitcoin Before You Book Your Next Holiday

Check Out If You Can Spend Bitcoin Before You Book Your Next Holiday
Buying your travel money can be a bore, what if you don’t actually need to buy any? What if your next holiday destination is saturated with stores that accept Bitcoin and of course, Bitcoin ATMs? It’s probably worth checking out before you travel, right? Now you should probably note that if you’re traveling to a remote location, like a small Greek island or a Caribbean retreat, Bitcoin acceptance may be a little lower than you would like, therefore this guide is more suited to those travellers who are off on city breaks, where Bitcoin acceptance is likely to be at an all time high. London Loves Business have published an article that shows the world’s top ten Bitcoin accepting cities, including the number of venues that accept Bitcoin in each city. According to London Loves Business:
“Bitcoin Hotspots reveals the world’s best cities to spend the cryptocurrency, how many venues accept Bitcoin as a payment method and the types of venues that accept the payment method, with surprising results. For instance, Prague, capital city of the Czech Republic, tops the list ahead of tech savvy San Francisco. Prague has a whopping 154 venues, including 12 ATMs that are supportive of the leading cryptocurrency.”
The Top Ten
  1. Prague, Czech Republic (154 Venues)
  2. Buenos Aires, Argentina (130 Venues)
  3. San Francisco, USA (111 Venues)
  4. London, UK (102 Venues)
  5. Madrid, Spain (97 Venues)
  6. Arnhem, The Netherlands (86 Venues)
  7. Bogotá, Colombia (85 Venues)
  8. New York, USA (80 Venues)
  9. Vienna, Austria (79 Venues)
  10. Berlin, Germany (77 Venues)
As expected, there is a concentration of Bitcoin friendly cities within the Americas and Europe, however what may come as a big surprise is the lack of Asian based cities. We would have expected to see Tokyo and perhaps Seoul as two major cities spearheading Bitcoin adoption, however according to the research by Bitcoin Hotspots, this is not the case. Indeed, Europe is certainly leading the adoption race, with six of the top ten cities for Bitcoin spending based on the continent. South America land on equal to North America in terms of their volume in the top ten, covering 4 cities across the two continents, however it is somewhat surprising that Canada have no cities within this top ten. Will Bitcoin replace travel money? Well, most of us hope that one day, Bitcoin will replace all money, so yes, that should include travel money too, right? Travel money and foreign exchange is one industry that will be impacted by Bitcoin adoption, probably before a lot of other industries. Therefore our advice, check before you travel - you’ll always get a better deal by using Bitcoin anyway.
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