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Cardano & TRON Now Included In Abra
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Cardano & TRON Now Included In Abra

Multiple announcements have just been made by the popular cryptocurrency wallet, Abra. They have announced that they have now added support for the Basic Attention Token, Cardano and TRON and they now plan to allow users to fund Abra wallets using Bitcoin Cash within the next week. Customers will also be able to make transfers from European bank accounts directly to Abra wallets. Essentially, this will allow all users in Europe to fund an Abra wallet using a European bank account. A bank customer from Europe will be able to buy any of the 28 digital currencies supported on Abra. The Abra app interface allows users to track portfolios, exchange crypto for crypto through Bitcoin and perhaps most importantly, check the market prices. There are also 50 fiat currencies available which users can buy. The 28 digital currencies supported by Abra: Crypto Coins List on White Background Four members of the European Free Trade Association are supported for digital currency purchases as well as bank accounts for all the members of the European Union. The goal of Abra is the generate a wide on-ramp for existing digital currency investors as well as new investors that come to light. Before the announcement was made, users were able to fund their Abra wallets by using bank and wire transfers in the US as well as through American Express, MasterCard debit, Visa and credit cards throughout the globe. Abra is fully peer to peer and lets wallet users hold their own private keys directly without any intermediaries. Their competitor, Coinbase currently supports five cryptocurrencies which includes, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash and of course, Bitcoin.

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