Cardano Creator Believes Ethereum Classic Is Following The Path Of Bitcoin

Cardano Creator Believes Ethereum Classic Is Following The Path Of Bitcoin
Charles Hoskinson, a co-founder of Ethereum and the creator of Cardano has recently spoken out about Ethereum Classic during an appearance at the recent Ethereum Classic summit, held in South Korea. Hoskinson is very bullish about Ethereum Classic, not just as a cryptocurrency but as a project on the whole, citing that from it’s very inception, Ethereum Classic has resembled the original culture of Bitcoin, suggesting that Ethereum Classic could end up following the path of Bitcoin in the future, leading the markets as a high value and high market cap cryptocurrency. Why Bitcoin? Hoskinson believes Ethereum Classic is like Bitcoin simply because it is a project that is maintained by a small number of people. Unlike other crypto projects that rely on a community of developers and engineers, Ethereum Classic is managed by a close knit team, in the way Bitcoin was from its birth. This, in turn allows for a more clear growth, and, most importantly, governance on a diplomatic level. According to Sludgefeed:
“Hoskinson notes that Ethereum Classic very much resembles the early days of Bitcoin, in that the project is led by a small number of individuals, enabling nimble growth and more efficient governance. This is in stark contrast to the current development ecosystems for both Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are commonly bogged down by disagreements and slow tech development.”
Hoskinson said:
“The great value for the Ethereum Classic community for the road ahead is that we now have to pursue a completely different roadmap from where Ethereum is eventually going to go. It is sure going to be a fight ahead but we have to be our own guide.”
The future for Ethereum Classic Ethereum Classic was once a cult symbol, a spin off of Ethereum that wanted to remain as close to Ethereum's roots as possible, holding a similar sentiment to Bitcoin Core in that respect. As a result of this, Ethereum Classic remained one for the super fans and therefore did not attract a great deal of interest from investors from the outset. However, with more mainstream interest coming through listings on exchanges such as Coinbase, Ethereum Classic is seeing a surge in popularity. In the same way Bitcoin migrated from being an underground cultural icon to becoming a real investment opportunity for the masses. Actually, the more you look at it, the clearer Ethereum's Classic relation to Bitcoin becomes. Hoskinson could be right here, indeed if he is, the next couple of years could be very important for Ethereum Classic indeed. References Sludgefeed
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