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Breaking News In 70 Different Languages Makes CRDT Unbeatable

Breaking News In 70 Different Languages Makes CRDT Unbeatable

The Crypto Daily team have been hard at work building a product that now receives thousands of readers every single day. Our readers come from a range of cultures and backgrounds meaning we are paying particular attention to how speakers of different languages access our news. Transparency is a passion, but how can one remain transparent if we only communicate in English? Well now, Crypto Daily Token (CRDT) is here, and we are ready to unleash it to the world, in every language we can.

Our new product will see the launch of a brand new token exchange platform that is complemented by its own native token. CRDT will exist within an ecosystem of content creation and news sharing that promises some great benefits for investors, no matter where you are from. At present, our website offers translations for a range of our breaking news articles and press releases in English, Vietnamese, French, Bulgarian, Urdu and Chinese (Traditional). These translations are carried out from scratch by our team of committed, native language speakers. We do not use online translation systems that often do a poor job of providing translations, nor do we ship our work out to translation agencies, instead, we employ knowledgeable native speakers with an excellent ability to translate from English to their mother tongue.

Whilst we only cover six languages at present, we aim to build a network of 70 multilingual websites, each built to provide speakers of various different languages access to transparent cryptocurrency news. This expands our reach as a website and encourages the investment of CRDT. We will develop a network of up to 70 multilingual websites which will make our articles more accessible to more people. We hope this will increase our readership tenfold, by up to 10 million page views per month. Each new language website will incentivise the writing of articles in different languages.

In addition to this, through our fantasy crypto trading platform, users will be paid in CRDT and thus will contribute to promoting the value of both our token and our platform. Our aim is to be the biggest, most successful cryptocurrency news website within two years. It’s a simple idea, that has groundbreaking implications. By being the only website to use real, native translators and write our next from scratch, we know we can become the world's most transparent source for cryptocurrency news, a source that anybody can understand, no matter what language they speak.

You might ask yourself, why not just use online translation systems? Simply put, these systems do not understand the human adaptation of language and linguistics, yes, they translate word for word but often, these translations do not come out as expected, take this for example. When the previously highlighted text is translated online from English to Urdu, then back to English, it reads as follows:

“Yes, they are translated the word by word, but often, these translations are not expected, for example.”

See what we mean? Language is something to be respected and not automated. We want to use that to become a world beater. Above all, CRDT promises to drive us in that direction.

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