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Bitcoin Shown In Popular British Soap
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Bitcoin Shown In Popular British Soap

In recent years, Bitcoin has been referenced in pop culture, including songs from the rap giant Eminem and one of his latest songs, Not Alike, multiple TV shows and many more. Now the crypto has become the focal plot point for a British soap which is watched by million around the United Kingdom. So far in the year, cryptocurrency has had quite a rough year and yet despite the decline in prices, some cryptocurrencies look to be getting relatively stuck with the rest of the world. References to Bitcoin are everywhere nowadays. Massively popular TV shows like The Big Bang Theory has an episode where Sheldon thousands of dollars worth of old mined Bitcoin. Even Family has mentioned the leading cryptocurrency. Now, Bitcoin is heading to TV once again on the popular British soap, Coronation Street which has been airing since 1960! Coronation Street is the longest running television soap and each episode has over 8 million viewers. The plot looks into the daily lives of the working class characters living in Manchester. One of the latest episodes in the long running soap was titled ‘Whipcoin’ and focuses on the character named Ryan Connor had invested £50 in the fictional digital currency whipcoin (clearly a reference to Bitcoin) years ago and after doing research found that its value had increased to £250 million. Of course, things don’t go well as Ryan would have hoped as he can’t remember the password however, when he finally remembers it he realises his research was wrong and that his investment is essentially worthless. Whereas the plot points may interest you it is a good thing to hear that bitcoin is mentioned everywhere, possibly bringing in more traders to the industry. Bitcoin has been mentioned in pop culture for many years no, songs by multiple artists have been released with references to the cryptocurrency world. What are your thoughts on cryptocurrencies and pop culture? Could references on soaps and TV shows be a turning point for the industry? Let us know down in the comments below!

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