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10K Bitcoin Prediction To Come To Light?

10K Bitcoin Prediction To Come To Light?
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A few outstanding CEOs have been discussing where the crypto market could be heading as we enter the closing months of 2018. Bobby Lee, the co-founder of BTCC predicted that Bitcoin could surpass the $60,000 mark within the next coming years and that it will reach a total circulation value of $1 trillion. So, what is the short-term rundown for Bitcoin? In the world today, there are over 3,600 Bitcoin ATM’s in the world and it is thought that there are four new Bitcoin ATMs being installed every day. It’s quite certain that the market for Bitcoin isn’t going to be crashing anytime soon, the popularity to the masses is always on the rise and researchers estimate that the ATM market will reach $145 million in value by as soon as 2023! The founder of Svandis, Herman Finnbjornsson shares the same sentiment and is confident that Bitcoin won’t be heading anywhere soon. He says:
“There’s less than a 1% chance in my mind that Bitcoin won’t succeed. I think that there are a lot of reasons to be bullish on Bitcoin. Banks are getting into Bitcoin.”
All around the world, banks are becoming involved in Bitcoin more and more. Even Wall Street has shown interest in the cryptocurrency with ETFs estimated to be gaining approval by the SEC next years. As well as the expectations of the industry, this should boost the market and attract institutional investors. Finnbjornsson thinks that 2018 is the ‘springboard’ for Bitcoin and that it can it could pass the $10,000 mark by the first week of November. The biggest news from Brian Kelly is the popular topic of the platform which has been backed by Starbucks and Microsoft. This will hopefully see the sales of Bitcoin rise and support the figure as investors rush to get in as soon as possible.

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