XRP Is Still An Investment For The Long Term

XRP Is Still An Investment For The Long Term
You might look at XRP at the moment and shudder, especially if you bought in during the cryptocurrency boom when XRP exceeded $2.00. Yesterday, we covered a story about CNBC’s Fast Money, which back in January ran a piece about XRP investment, urging new investors to buy in at $2.50. If you’re one of those people, you have every right to sit and stare at the markets, filled with regret right now. Remember though, XRP is a long term investment and therefore, it’s not over just yet. At the time of writing, XRP is valued at $0.286. Way off the $3.00 target it once met. For short term gains, XRP is a waste of time. It’s less volatile than many cryptocurrencies and overall, sits within a state of stagnation at the moment meaning if you’re after ‘money fast’ XRP is one to avoid for now. According to Seeking Alpha though, XRP remains a viable investment for the future, here’s why:
“Ripple [XRP] is a distributed network meaning that peer-to-peer instantaneous transactions occurring across the network are certified by ways of multiple and varied ‘nodes’. This helps the network say resilient to risk.”
Therefore, the long term risk associated with cryptocurrency investment is reduced due to the nature of Ripple’s network and the build of XRP.
“The banking industry is planning to integrate it into their system. Studies indicate that 50 of the largest banks in the world have or are planning to integrate XRP in the near future. Ripple wants to have two hundreds banks in total—positioning themselves nicely (and undeniably) into the global banking ecosystem.”
XRP is adoptable and therefore, is set for a very prosperous future as a part of the mainstream, something that will encourage value into XRP as a currency leading up to future adoption by mainstream banks.
“Faster transaction speed. Speed combined with reliability is making XRP a trusted cryptocurrency. Consider that the current value that SWIFT transfers is around $5 trillion per day. Ripple’s Consensus Ledger can process 1,500 transactions per second and settles an international payment in an average time of three seconds. In fact, Weiss Ratings just announced that Ripple has the fastest transaction speeds among any crypto or blockchain competitor.”
Faster transaction speeds make XRP more adoptable, reinforcing the previous statement. See more for yourself, here. XRP might look sore now, but the future is bright. Once all of the drama surrounding Ripple and XRP as securities settles, we do expect this race for the mainstream to heat up. Ripple technology is the thing that makes XRP best fit as a long term investment. As stated, it’s not got the edge needed to allow investors to reap short term rewards, overall though if you hold on and are able to invest for the long term, XRP will be prosperous and may inspire some real world, mainstream changes. Remember, we are not investment advisors, crypto investment is risky and even if you do think XRP is the right choice for you, you should still remember to do adequate research before choosing to invest.
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