XRP Expert Measures The True Impact Of The Blockchain

XRP Expert Measures The True Impact Of The Blockchain
Chris Larsen, the renowned angel investor and the co-founder of Ripple has recently spoken out about the future of the blockchain and the ‘profound effect’ it will have on the world once it’s ready to hit the mainstream. Okay, of course he’s going to be optimistic about blockchain technology, this isn’t the big news here. Rather, this is more a sign of what could be to come for the Ripple project. It’s evident, through Larsen’s words that Ripple are going to be concentrating on improving their blockchain, ready for mainstream adoption. What’s been said? According to AMBCrypto, Larsen believes that it’s vital that Ripple now focus all of their efforts on the blockchain, there are problems that need to be solved and Ripple need to know how to solve them:
“You really can’t have globalization which is workable unless you have interoperability in 3 things: data, goods and money. We only have those in two things, data and goods. Without the money part globalization just doesnt work its incomplete.”
Larsen refers to the boom of the internet, in order to measure what he believes could happen within the blockchain:
“Suddenly every entrepreneur, every bank, every currency in the world has unlimited reach. Right now that’s not the way it is and that’s just exactly what happened for data, and now its happening for money.”
The premise of this is that Larsen believes blockchain is going to bring the world together in the same way that the internet has. However, in order for this to happen, the blockchain needs to have its creases ironed out. It needs to be fixed, improved upon and it needs to grow. This is now an end goal for Ripple, who have successfully planted themselves as a major player in this industry now, with a major currency and a number of major working projects. Hopefully, Larsen’s words indicate the start of a mass Ripple convergence, one that brings all of their efforts together to repair and improve the blockchain, ready for mainstream adoption.
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