Trezor Announce New MetaMask Integration On Google Chrome Extension

Trezor Announce New MetaMask Integration On Google Chrome Extension
MetaMask MetaMask brings cryptocurrency to your web browser. Via a Google Chrome or Brave extension, users of MetaMask are able to run Ethereum based decentralised apps, without the inconvenience of running a full Ethereum node. Because of this, MetaMask is secure and ultra accessible. Its ease of use is proving its worth, making MetaMask one of the most popular blockchain browser extensions available, with 1,174,535 users on Google Chrome alone. Trezor Trezor is a cold storage solution for cryptocurrency assets. It’s a hardware wallet designed with transparency in mind, that uses a simple and easy to use interface. A built in password manager also gives Trezor a competitive edge when it comes to security and data integrity. And how are the two integrated? Let’s backtrack a second… Within this new integration, users of the Trezor device now have access to MetaMask, in order to manage their Ethereum portfolio, whilst storing and holding assets on a Trezor wallet. According to the official Trezor announcement:
“Once you connect an Ethereum account from your Trezor device, it will be shown in MetaMask as a “Trezor” account. Upon opening it in the app, you will see its entire transaction history, balance, etc. However, when you want to sign a transaction or a message, or execute any operation using keys stored in your Trezor device, MetaMask will send that request to your Trezor, and you will have to approve the action on your device.”
Even though there are two applications working in unison here, personal data always remains secure:
“All operations involving your keys, including signing, happens inside your Trezor device. Your keys are never exposed. You can disconnect your Trezor after importing your account, and your transaction history will be remembered in MetaMask, as the app stores the public key to your connected account. To delete your history from the app, disconnect your account in MetaMask settings. Your account balance will remain intact.”
See the full announcement by Trezor, here. This is an exciting new project that is sure to improve users experience of using decentralised applications on the Ethereum blockchain. This makes the applications more accessible and no doubt a little easier to use. In turn, this encourages more Trezor users to use the MetaMask extension and furthermore, more MetaMask users to look into using a Trezor wallet, something that I imagine both teams had in mind when enabling this partnership.
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