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This Bear Cycle Is On Its Way Out, Move A Side Because The Bulls Are Coming

The ‘bear market’ has certainly been in charge for some time now. Values are falling and prices are low. As you know though, these sorts of things happen in cycles, which means there is light at the end of the tunnel for the bulls among us.

Bull cycles are important because without them, cryptocurrency wouldn’t have any investment potential, if prices didn’t rise, investment would be pointless, right?

The CEO of cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, Changpeng Zhao believes that we are coming to the end of this current bull cycle and that eventually we should expect to see the bulls return, in style too.

Zhao has said:

“Wow, honored.  Don’t worry, I think the cycle should be complete soon, given the mainstream news coverage of events.  Understand blockchain and crypto is not going away, other than the non-believer speculators that was shaken out (they will come back), adoption is increasing.”

This was in response to Cryptokita publishing a post that refers to Binance coin as one of the only positive coins left in 2018. Zhao is clearly honored that Cryptokita have polished Binance Coin with this good reputation, but is also highlighting that this doesn’t mean it’s over for crypto, actually, the markets are about to re born again.

Of course, we can never guarantee that a bull run will happen. This bear cycle is heavy set and could be here to stay, therefore make sure you do your own further research if you choose to invest. The markets are still volatile and even if many like Zhao believe the markets are going to make a come back, we can’t ever tell when they will make a come back or how hard they will climb, therefore invest off your own decisions, not what the ‘experts’ are deciding for you.

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