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The New Crypto Cashback Card, Made Of Metal, For The Trend Conscious

The New Crypto Cashback Card, Made Of Metal, For The Trend Conscious
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What’s more fly than walking into a shop and paying for your produce with a cryptocurrency debit card, made entirely of metal. Nothing, that’s what. Is this a look into the future? Nope, this is now, introducing the new Revolut, all metal cash card, complete with free international money transfers, cryptocurrency purchasing and even cash back. Revolut Metal Debit Card Image sourced from: Revolut is a bank-free banking project that enables users to take control of their finances. With Revolut, you’re in charge of your spending, and also have access to a range of cool features that most traditional banks don’t offer, such as instant lending, cashback, cryptocurrency investing, high rate foreign exchange and even access to cheap insurance. It’s everything you would want from a bank, but the customer remains in total control. The interest in Revolut from ourselves is of course the cryptocurrency element, and of course the new bank card that lets you spend that cryptocurrency. As it stands, Revolut already have a range of cards on offer (both physical and digital), this new card however (whilst it is a novelty) wants to totally change the way the card is designed, moving to a heavier metal product, no doubt designed to give its users a feeling of total control of their assets, and a little luxury too no doubt. In terms of crypto, users have access to purchase Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, Ethereum and Litecoin with the card and the accompanying app, meaning this new metal card is a product that is sure to catch the eye of the crypto community. According to, an official statement from Revolut states:
“The new metal card is fully contactless and has been designed with obsessive attention to detail. At three times the weight of a regular card, Revolut Metal is crafted from a single sheet of reinforced steel using a diamond drill bit. Paint particles have then been layered to the card using a physical vapour deposition, with customers’ details etched onto the card using a high precision laser.”
See the full article for yourself, here.   It’s one for the fashion and trend conscious, that’s for sure. So, what do you get with this card? Obviously, it’s more than just a metal card and comes with the host of benefits that you’ll find as a platinum Revolut member. According to
“Metal customers will also get unlimited foreign exchange, free international money transfers, and overseas travel insurance that will cover areas including health, dental, flight and luggage delays. Customers will receive up to 1% cashback on all card transactions made outside of Europe, as well as 0.1% on those made within Europe, and customers will be able to receive their cashback in any of Revolut’s 25 supported fiat currencies or five cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.”
Furthermore, Nik Storonsky the CEO of Revolut has said:
“The launch of Revolut Metal is also an important step towards the company generating additional revenue, especially as we prepare to launch a commission-free trading platform and expand the business into North America and Asia later this year. There is so much more to come, including commission-free trading and airport lounges.”
It’s an interesting prospect and for some reason, I expect these cards are going to fly out.

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