September Presents A Great Opportunity For Litecoin To Relaunch Litepay

September Presents A Great Opportunity For Litecoin To Relaunch Litepay
Litepay, the ghost of Litecoin past and Litecoins very own failed drive for cryptocurrency adoption. Although the first launch of Litepay failed massively, many have speculated that a new, clean cut and working version would be released soon, perhaps then, the first annual Litecoin summit will be the best platform for it? Is the first annual Litecoin Summit the platform that Charlie Lee and the team need to set off Litepay 2.0 with a bang? Now, we don’t know for sure that Litepay 2.0 is in the works, but, if it is, it’s big news and is sure to play a part in the summit, which is set to be hosted in San Francisco on the 14th and 15th of September 2018. According to a press release, Charlie Lee, the Founder of the Litecoin Foundation is very excited about the summit, saying that: “We are very excited to be bringing this amazing lineup and community under one roof. There has been a lot going on in the blockchain & cryptocurrency ecosystem in the past year and there is no better group of people to explore current and future happenings. We’re also excited to be able to bring the Litecoin community together. There isn't a more passionate community in crypto and they work tremendously hard every day to support Litecoin and drive towards mass adoption.” A conference wouldn’t be complete without a list of key speakers, would it? So, who’s speaking? - Pretty much anyone who is someone within the cryptosphere:
  • Charlie Lee (Founder Litecoin)
  • Elizabeth Stark (CEO Lightning Labs)
  • Bill Barhydt (Abra) *cue the Litepay alarm bells
  • Eric Winer (Engineering at Gemini)
  • Naomi Brockwell (Blockchain Personality)
  • Adap Draper (Founder Boost VC)
  • Derek Capo (CEO Token Pay)
Of course, many other experts are expected the attend the summit as delegates, allowing for a very open and diverse group of people to network and discuss the future of Litecoin, from many varied perspectives. According to Litecoin, this has been developed to be open to anyone, meaning that even those that are not so au fait with the industry will still benefit from the conference, a sentiment that lends itself to Litecoins open attitudes and accepting nature. There will be a range of discussions held and a number of topics covered, though none of the ‘planned’ topics seem to have any lean towards a Litepay announcement, so perhaps this is being kept under wraps for now. Or, perhaps there’s no announcement and we’re getting excited over nothing. Either way, here’s what’s up for debate at the summit:
  • Scaling solutions via the Lightning Network
  • Sidechains, smart contracts, and RootStock
  • The importance of a non-custodial wallet
  • Cryptocurrency from a VC’s perspective
  • Practical tips for taxation and cryptocurrencies
There is one hint that Litepay is about to see a resurgence According to a press release: “The event will also place an emphasis on the Litecoin Foundation’s #PayWithLitecoin campaign by educating businesses on the how’s and why’s of accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment and helping them integrate on site. There will be a virtual store on location where attendees can also experience purchasing items in crypto.” #PayWithLitecoin does have the capacity to grow into #Litepay and indeed, the concept is already there. The notion of a practice shop on site at the summit that allows people to pay with crypto is very exciting too, indeed, when you add all these little touches up, a Litepay resurgence does seem more likely. For more information about the summit and indeed, if you want to register to attend yourself, visit the Litecoin Summit website - References PRWeb - Litecoin Summit Press Release
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