Payments Expert Swaps Visa For Nuggets, But They Aren’t The Chicken Kind

Payments Expert Swaps Visa For Nuggets, But They Aren’t The Chicken Kind
The ex-Managing Director of Visa UK, Kevin Jenkins is alleged to have taken up an executive position with a blockchain e-commerce firm called Nuggets. Nuggets is a company that want to give their customers the chance to take back control of their data via a revamp of login and ID authentication. Within the Nuggets platform, all authentication is carried out via biometrics (fingerprints etc) so therefore, the company can’t use your login credentials to track you. This gives the user total control of their personal data, without reducing the security of their login details. If anything, security is simply enhanced within the Nuggets network. It lets you access all of your e-commerce and online payment accounts via authentication in the Nuggets app, therefore there's no longer a need to complete a tonne of complicated security checks just to allow you to use your credit card online. You can find out more about Nuggets for yourself, here.   The appointment of an expert like Jenkins promises to push Nuggets in a new direction, ready for the full roll out of the Nuggets platform. By working alongside an ex-Visa official, Nuggets can be certain that they are operating in a manner that best suits the growth of the business. According to Coin Journal, Alastair Johnson, the CEO of Nuggets has said:
“Jenkins was a true payments pioneer. He’ll help us build the relationships we need to roll out the product as quickly as possible. We’re thrilled that, after so long working on customer payment journeys at Visa, Kevin will be helping us bring even more fundamental and exciting change to the way people manage payments and ID.”
“The current model of businesses holding personal information is broken. It needs fundamental change, study after study shows that customers are frustrated by the payments journey: the many steps they have to take, and the security fears. He adds that he believes that Nuggets has been able to achieve a balance between security and convenience something the current payments industry has been lacking for decades.”
See the full report for yourself, here. Jenkins was in charge of the roll out of contactless payments across the United Kingdom. This alone indicates his vision for innovation and of course, quicker and safer payment methods. Therefore, an appointment alongside Nuggets should suit him very well.
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