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OpenLedger Is Changing The Face Of The DEX Forever
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OpenLedger Is Changing The Face Of The DEX Forever

OpenLedger is fully decentralised crypto trading platform, one that plans to totally revamp the way we trade cryptocurrency online. Traditionally, cryptocurrency exchanges that claim to be ‘decentralised’ are not. The OpenLedger DEX however is built upon a fully decentralised platform, allowing for a safer and more transparent crypto trading environment. What are the problems with centralisation? By having a central unit, approving and handling exchange transactions, your assets and personal data are susceptible to hacks. Moreover, a central unit can cause issues in performance and scalability. Through utter decentralisation, OpenLedger address these issues, meaning that there is no central unit handling your personal data and thus, your funds aren’t left exposed to external bad actors. The system is clean and concise, meaning your transactions are instant. As a matter of fact, through the BitShares format, OpenLedger is able to handle 100,000 crypto transactions per second. According to the OpenLedger website:
“OpenLedger DEX is a BitShares-based decentralized platform and an entry point into the decentralized market. Offering a number of advanced instruments, it still remains within reach of less tech-savvy users. The OpenLedger’s user-friendly interface makes this BitShares platform easy to use for anyone. And what is more important – OpenLedger has numerous gateways allowing users to deposit and/or withdraw different cryptocurrencies traded on this exchange.”
Security is addressed through OpenLedger via the guarantee of decentralisation, this means that all transactions are encrypted and hidden under a 2-factor-authentication system. Assets are stored offline and access to data and assets adheres to a very strict access management policy. In essence, OpenLedger leaves you in safe hands. OpenLedger makes trading quicker, safer and cheaper. With a flat market fee of 0.2%, within the OpenLedger system, investors are not subject to the rising fee’s mostly associated with traditional exchanges. With no middleman processing trades, there’s no need to charge a massive fee, is there? It’s perfect for novice and expert traders. By combining both basic and advanced node options, the intuitive interface within OpenLedger is perfect for both well-tuned and novice investors. Accessibility is so important within cryptocurrency trading, OpenLedger understand that and thus, have built a platform that caters to the needs of everybody, making it one of the most transparent decentralised crypto trading platforms that we have ever seen. And if it all goes wrong? If you’re experiencing difficulties with OpenLedger, then a dedicated support team is at your disposal, around the clock. This is a great feature and really does reinforce the user-friendliness of the DEX. If you’re struggling with any part of the platform, whether that's registration, the execution of transactions or even running your own ICO, the OpenLedger support team are available 24-hours, via email and via a number of social media messengers. Transparency is ensured through the existence of multilingual support staff, speaking languages such as English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and more, meaning you can comfortably seek help, in a language you understand. There are over 50 cryptocurrencies and coins available on the OpenLedger decentralised crypto trading platform, these include Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, NEO and Dash, all of which are paired with such price-stable coins as bitUSD, bitCNY and bitEUR, ensuring the accessibility mentioned earlier. Decentralisation is a promise that is often missed by many crypto businesses and projects. OpenLedger know that decentralisation is still one of the most important factors for this industry to consider and know that decentralisation offers the industry many solutions to problems such as scalability and security. The OpenLedger DEX is a fantastic platform for giving new and old investors access to crypto trading solution with fair trading rules, it’s one for now, and one for the future. For more information, check out OpenLedger online – Website – Facebook - OpenLedgerDC Twitter - @OpenLedgerDC Telegram - OpenLedgerCorp

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