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Justin Sun Confirms That PornHub Integration Is Big For TRON
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Justin Sun Confirms That PornHub Integration Is Big For TRON

PornHub, is slowly becoming a bit of a crypto hub (so i’ve been told of course). The adult entertainment website now accepts a range of cryptocurrency payments for their subscription service. This crypto revolution began in April when the website announced they would be accepting Verge XVG. Since then, a number of other cryptos have been added to the website, with TRON TRX being one of the latest additions. It’s good news for the cryptos involved, porn is a big industry with a lot of money flowing in and therefore, it can only be assumed that a lot of this money (through PornHub at least) is set to be diverted into the crypto markets. From the TRON perspective, so far it seems that this integration has had a very positive impact. According to AMBCrypto, the PornHub integration seems to have inspired a number of other businesses and companies to look to start accepting TRX. Through August, TRON has seen huge levels of adoption and Justin Sun, the founder of TRON is pretty pleased with himself:
“Justin Sun said that the TRX payment channel has taken another step towards expansion. This is because of the recent partnership with Pornhub, one of the biggest adult entertainment industry. This also includes the collaboration with Bitcoin Superstore, a cryptocurrency only store which enables users to purchase products from over 20000 online retail stores. Justin further added that Tron has established a partnership with the social media giant, Line and that the token has been successfully listed in the Bitbox exchange. In addition to this, TRX has been listed on various exchange platforms. This includes Kryptono, CoinSwitch, Coinex, Bitnovo, Kucoin, and Atomic.”
Each and every integration of TRX gives TRON a new use, a new value and a new reason that should in turn inspire people to invest. If people know they can use their TRX when investment isn’t going to play, they are going to be more confident when it comes to buying it. The TRON community is growing and the project is getting bigger and bigger. It’s been a quiet few months for TRON, now though, things are finally on the up and all is looking very good indeed. References AMBCrypto

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