It Seems That Bitcoin Mining Is Starting To Really Offend Some People

It Seems That Bitcoin Mining Is Starting To Really Offend Some People
Mining Bitcoin is a process that is loud, hot, expensive and also very noisy. As a result, mining efforts on a large scale tend to be focused out of town, in rural settings in factories that have an exclusive energy supply, in areas that are naturally very cold. This is the perfect setting for a mining farm, even so though, it seems that mining in remote locations isn’t enough for some people. According to reports out today, one farm in Norway has been the victim of bomb threats from one very disgruntled local, as a result of the noise generated by the hardware in use at the farm. Kryptovault is a mining farm in Norway, one of Kryptovaults farms is located in Follum, a rural town outside of the Norwegian capital, Oslo. According to CCN, the Follum location had received bomb threats that threatened to sabotage the farms mining efforts as a result of the excessive noise produced by the facility, the threat said:
“This is sabotage. If you are expanding crypto mining and filling the country with noise, then you will be sabotaging the peace. I am threatening to send you some explosives.”
This of course is not a threat to be taken lightly and therefore, Gjermund Hagesaeter, the director of Kryptovault called for immediate police involvement. Hagesaeter has since told local newspapers  that as a result of the threat against the Follum site, the company is now considering the risk this poses to their other locations too, Hagesaeter said:
“The threat has been reported to the police and these are also taking the whole issue very seriously indeed. We have also asked the police to assess whether any further action needs to be taken. The facility at Follum is located in a fenced area, so it would be difficult for any intruder to gain access but the one at Dale is far more accessible so we have warned everyone to be on their toes.”
See the full article for yourself, here. As it stands, the police investigation hasn’t located the person responsible for this threat and as a result, employees of Kryptovault have been left on high alert. Hopefully this is just an idle threat, even so though it is very concerning and has encouraged other mining firms in the area to make new considerations with regards to the security of their staff and their sites.
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