How Blockchain Technology Can Make Us Start Paying Attention To Advertisements

How Blockchain Technology Can Make Us Start Paying Attention To Advertisements
Advertising is pivotal for the internet. The majority of what we consume online is funded by advertising and thus, every page we visit is saturated with advertising. As consumers, we are becoming more and more desensitised to advertising by the day and thus, ‘ad blindness’ is becoming more of a problem for advertisers and those that rely on advertising for profit. Because of the sheer volume of advertising we are exposed to, on a conscious level, few adverts actually make a significant impact. Of course, on a subconscious level advertising has a more significant impact than we care to accept, and as building block for subcultural construction, ideologically, advertising is very powerful. One application of blockchain technology is that it holds the capacity to not only make advertising fairer, it also seems to be able to make advertising more obvious, in order to help combat this phenomena of ad blindness. It’s interesting because blockchain technology seems to want to help us as consumers consume less advertising, but at the same time, it wants us to consume more advertising. It’s a huge paradox, but I guess the entire industry is in a way. How is blockchain technology making us consume more advertising? Easy. Blockchain technology helps us consume more of the advertising we want. Data based ad targeting is effective, but often obscure. By using blockchain technology, advertisers can craft advertising campaigns for those who actually want to consume advertising, usually for some sort of reward of course. We only need to look as far as projects such as Kind Ads and Brave (BAT Token) to see how blockchain advertising is helping to target ad blindness. Simply put, by giving consumers a reward for viewing an advert, they are more likely to consume it, remember and importantly, act upon it. Moreover, these consumers are then less likely to use technology to avoid advertising (ad blockers) instead, they will use technology in order to see adverts (that paradox is back again). According to BTCManager:
“Platforms like Kind Ads and AdEx have helped the advertising industry reach a healthy relationship between stakeholders, customers, and the industry. While internet users are moving along its rails and visiting different websites, they are tracked in finer detail, giving advertisers higher-resolution information about the people they are trying to reach.”
“Ultimately, the current structure of the advertising business is inefficient in terms of both KPI and impact. Blockchain technology, as well as companies like Kind Ads and AdEx, are seeking to find a new discourse between companies and the audience they want to reach. The ultimate goal is wrestling power out of the hands of major corporations and curing ad blindness.”
See more for yourself, here. The paradox brings us to a point in time where one day, blockchain technology will be used to protect us from dangerous and covert advertising techniques and instead, will allow us to see advertising as a method of research, viewing the adverts we want to see, in order to gain more information about products we are actually interested in, not just products that the advertising industry wants us to think we are interested in.
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