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Here Are All the ATH Prices You May Have Forgotten About

Here Are All the ATH Prices You May Have Forgotten About
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With the markets down and all time high (ATH) prices in distant memory, we want to discuss a few historical benchmarks in the hope to insert some optimism back into traders and investors, though looking at some of these figures, it may do the opposite, depending on how you interpret this.   See these all time highs as prices for the future, not as distant goals and don’t think about ‘what could have been’. Many experts are predicting that 2018 will see new all time highs for many cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. If this is the case, here are some of the targets that we need to breach.   Bitcoin (BTC) The current ATH for Bitcoin is $20,089.00. The current price of Bitcoin is 62.33% off this ATH price, so we do have quite a long way to go before Bitcoin see’s these heights again. Overall though, with many predicting that Bitcoin will hit $25,000.00 this year, this current ATH could be old news soon enough.   Ethereum (ETH) The current ATH for Ethereum is $1,432.88. The current price of Ethereum is 71.15% off this ATH price. Again, Ethereum has a very long way to go before this ATH is breached, though it’s a little closer than some of its rivals.   XRP (XRP) The current ATH for XRP is $3.84. The current price of XRP is 88.72% off this ATH price. XRP is essentially miles away. We can also be pretty sure that XRP is unlikely to see this price again until the drama surrounding XRP is a security dies down.   Bitcoin Cash (BCH) The current ATH for Bitcoin Cash is $4,355.62. The current price of Bitcoin Cash is 82.78% off this ATH price. For Bitcoin Cash to make any progress up to its ATH, it needs to shake off the Bitcoin shackles and find a way of surging up on it’s own, out of the Bitcoin shadow.   EOS (EOS) span style="font-weight: 400;">The current ATH for EOS is $22.89. The current price of EOS is 69.54% off this ATH price. EOS is an interesting one. The aforementioned currencies all met their ATH during the 2017-2018 cryptocurrency boom in December and January. EOS however reached this point during the mid-April market surge a few months back. Of course, the current price of EOS has now backpedaled to that seen prior to the surge, but it was quite incredible to see EOS reach a new ATH in this manner.   Other notable ATH prices include: Stellar (XLM) at $0.938, 71.43% off. Litecoin (LTC) at $375.29, 79.61% off. Cardano (ADA) at $1.33, 90.03% off. IOTA (MIOTA) at $5.69, 84.37% off. Overall, the top cryptocurrencies are way off their current ATH prices. If the experts are right then these figures are set to change throughout the rest of 2018. For now though, let this act as a reminder of how far crypto has come and indeed, I hope this inspires you to see just how much potential the markets have to climb. Good news, if you invested in Binance Coin (BNB), it’s only 45.26% off its ATH of $24.91.

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