EY Develop A Blockchain Solution For Vienna’s Digital Future

EY Develop A Blockchain Solution For Vienna’s Digital Future
Vienna, the capital of Austria and the home of a new blockchain initiative, powered by professional services firm, Ernst & Young (EY). As a home for innovators such as Freud, Beethoven and Mozart, Vienna is a fitting location for a new digitisation initiative that is being developed to help the city exist within a blockchain based network. The plan, is to move the cities governmental data on to the blockchain, therefore this will include the migration of data for public services such as transport and even elections and voting. The bigger picture for Vienna here is a plan to totally automate all administrative processes that the government and local councils have to engage in. This is not only to improve efficiency, but also to improve security, and the integrity of the personal data of the residents of Vienna. According to a press release on PR Newswire, this project has been running since December 2017 and now allows government employees and citizens to accesses a range of data on the blockchain in order to prove the authenticity of various documents. WIthin this transparency, everyone can also see when documents are accessed and if they are edited. According to PR Newswire, Ulrike Huemer, the CIO of the City of Vienna has said:
"This project, realized with the support of EY, makes the city a pioneer in the implementation of blockchains in public administration and we are committed to an open and participatory city with reduced bureaucracy. With blockchain, government employees, residents or app developers can trace changes in data, so if someone changes the bus route – which is linked to mapping applications – an alert can be triggered. We will continue teaming with experienced professionals such as EY to pool knowledge and establish Vienna as a center of competence for blockchain – as well as one of the most forward-looking technology cities in Europe and worldwide."
Moreover, Paul Bordy, the Global Innovation Leader at EY is equally optimistic:
"When we think about the most useful applications for blockchain technology, increasing transparency is near the top of the list. From a foundation of transparent, reliable information, we can build all kinds of value add, analytics and insights, but it all starts with trustworthy information. We're very proud to be working with the City of Vienna in this journey."
This is a very exciting development for blockchain technology across Europe. Of course, should all go well within Vienna, EY will want to branch out and offer this transformation across other cities in the country and further afield. If Vienna succeeds on the blockchain, the technology is sure to sweep Europe’s other capitals. The blockchain is a solution for a great deal of things, finally, authorities are starting to recognise this.
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