CoinMarketCap’s Stunning Move Could Accelerate The Growth Of This Token

CoinMarketCap’s Stunning Move Could Accelerate The Growth Of This Token
CoinMarketCap is the go to website for live prices, crypto market analysis and also contains a useful news and announcement feed. It’s a hub for cryptocurrency information and allows traders and investors to really study the markets on both a graphical level and from a social perspective. If you’ve never used CoinMarketCap, check it out for yourself - Like many crypto websites, CoinMarketCap rely on funding from advertising revenue and thus, sell out advertising space to companies who wish to advertise their own cryptocurrency and blockchain products. Within this, CoinMarketCap accept payments in Bitcoin and Ethereum, which in turn are used to fund the maintenance and growth of the website. According to some reports, CoinMarketCap have decided to start accepting a new token, but their choice might surprise you. Moreover, this could have very big implications for the token in question too. Kind Ads is a crypto project, designed to make the advertising industry a kinder place, we actually reviewed their recent ICO, if you’re interested you can see our take on the project for yourself, here.
“Through Kind Ads, internet users will only see relevant advertising through channels like email marketing and push notifications, allowing them to browse the web seamlessly, only being exposed to the advertising when they choose to. Publishers are able to adapt push notifications through Kind Ads, ensuring that users still see advertisements, but at their own pace. The platform is already integrating with some renowned companies, including Subscribers, Pushcrew, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor and AWeber.”
CoinMarketCap can now be added to that list of renowned companies too. Here’s what CoinMarketCap have had to say in their official announcement:
“As we continue to improve on our ad strategy and involve our users in understanding their needs, we have found many interesting advertising-based blockchain projects developing. One of the projects that we have been paying attention to is Kind Ads. Their goal, to make the Internet more “kind” by making advertising more relevant for end users, is something that we relate to.”
“As part of their model, users may also have greater control over their data and interests too. So for a start, in addition to accepting payments for ads in BTC and ETH (and fiat), we will now also accept payments for ads in Kind Tokens. Here’s to a brighter future in advertising for all of us: users, publishers, and advertisers alike.”
See the full announcement for yourself, here. This could have big implications for Kind Ads and the KIND token. Most importantly, this is going to give Kind Ads some big exposure and it could even encourage more companies who are looking to advertise, to start purchasing KIND in order to fund their advertising campaigns on CoinMarketCap and other websites. From another perspective, we could even well see this inspire other big cryptocurrency websites to start accepting KIND to. Is this the start of a Kind Ads revolution?  
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