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CoinMarketApp Introduces Spanish As A Native Language, Exclusive Interview

CoinMarketApp Introduces Spanish As A Native Language, Exclusive Interview
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In a Crypto Daily exclusive, we have been lucky enough to catch up with Alex Charalambous, The Director of Marketing and Business Development at CoinMarketApp to discuss their app and some exciting news about what the future holds for the CoinMarketApp project. We asked Alex a bunch of questions about CoinMarketApp, the future prospects for the app and for some more information on the exciting developments led by the team there. Could you please sum up CoinMarketApp for our readers? CoinMarketApp is a cryptocurrency multi tool (currently on iOS and Android) which helps any type of user, beginner or advanced, keep track of the cryptocurrency market. We don’t just focus on providing prices of coins and portfolio management as the majority of other apps, but we also provide cryptocurrency latest news, mining details, airdrop details and other. Can you tell me your three favourite things about the app? One of my favourite features in the app is Portfolio, especially now with the new “Sell” functionality coming out. Second would be the News push notifications as we are collaborating with multiple news sources to keep our users up to date with the latest stories in the market. Third is the multiple language support that the app will be able to offer. We have already rolled out Spanish and more languages will follow in the near future. Could you please tell me how the idea of the app came about and how you came from the very start, to where you are now? Yes of course. The app was actually made back in 2015 on Android, where it was just one screen displaying the price for some of the coins. In the summer of 2017 when the cryptocurrency hype happened, the app started getting more attention so we started working more regularly on it. One year down the line we have gone from 1 screen to more than 10 different tabs and also released the app on the App Store for iOS devices. What are the future plans for the project? What we are hoping to do is interact with as many users as possible and give them an easy way to keep track of the market as a whole. To be in a better position to accomplish this we will be looking to expand to new platforms and bringing more useful content in the platform. You have launched a native Spanish translation within the app, how does this work? The feature is really simple actually, you just navigate to the Settings page and select Spanish as a native language. All the text within the app will automatically be translated to the language of your selection, in this case, Spanish. Why do you think translations are important? In today’s world majority of the apps are in English, and it makes sense because it is one of the most common languages worldwide. However, a lot of people prefer and feel more comfortable using their native language when using an app so we are trying to give the chance to everyone that has this preference to be able to do it. Which languages do you hope to target next? We take a few things into consideration before choosing what language to introduce in the app. One, is how much percentage of our user base a specific country holds and second is how likely for the app to grow in that specific country. What we have in mind as of now is German, Russian or Hindi. Where can our readers find out more about your app? General details can be find on our website and more specific details regarding our progress and development can be find on the CoinMarketApp Medium Publication. We are also very active and engaging on social like Facebook, Twitter and in multiple forums as well like Bitcointalk, Forum.Bitcoin, CryptocurrencyTalk and others.

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