Coinbase Seals Institutional Investment With Acquisition From Amazon

Coinbase Seals Institutional Investment With Acquisition From Amazon
One of the major plans for Coinbase going forward is to seal the interest of institutional investors. Institutional investment will pump up the value of the markets and moreover, will encourage huge sums of money to flow through the exchanges that can offer the investors the best deal. A part of this will also come from exchanges that can offer tighter security protocol and an overall, better customer experience. Therefore, Coinbase are focusing an awful lot of their efforts into ensuring their platform is suitable for both individual and institutional investors. This innovation is embodied within their latest announcement, the appointment of ex Amazon Web Services General Manager, Tim Wagner as the new Vice President of Engineering at Coinbase. According to the official Coinbase announcement:
“Tim Wagner is joining Coinbase as Vice President of Engineering. Engineering is central to our mission of creating an open financial system for the world. It is core to our strategy to deliver the most trusted and easiest to use cryptocurrency products and services. We have built an amazing engineering team at a Coinbase, one which Tim will now lead and expand.”
“Through this period of rapid growth, we are more focused than ever on meeting the increasing needs of individuals, institutions and businesses while continually advancing the frontiers of cryptocurrency. At the same time, we’re creating the infrastructure that will allow us to add more assets to our platform and accelerate the adoption of crypto around the world. Tim is passionate about the Coinbase mission, he’s aligned with our values, and he has deep experience with leading great technical organizations. These qualities, along with his engineering expertise, make him the ideal addition to our team.”
Wagner will now be in charge of helping to aim the engineering operations of Coinbase towards an approach that can, as stated, facilitate large institutional investment, as well as focusing on building a platform that can allow for many more cryptocurrencies to be added to the exchange. Coinbase strive for cryptocurrency adoption and therefore want to be the most accessible platform for crypto exchange, across the world. By using the expertise of somebody in an executive role at Amazon, Wager is sure to teach the Coinbase team many lessons, as they are no doubt going to teach him too.
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