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Blockchain Messenger ADAMANT Goes To Apple Store And Introduces Fair dPoS Improvement

Blockchain Messenger ADAMANT Goes To Apple Store And Introduces Fair dPoS Improvement
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Adamant Messenger App Screenshots ADAMANT is the future of the blockchain messenger service. A ‘top-notch’ anonymous messenger that totally utilises the security of the blockchain. We’ve earlier discovered general info about ADAMANT Project, and how Messenger implemented Ether transfers In-Chat. The ADAMANT Team includes more than 15 developers, and makes progress every day. It is time to share updates with you!

Targeting Privacy and Security

Online privacy is a huge deal. Look at the recent Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal and you can see just how important our privacy should be online. Many traditional messaging services use unsecured networks that often have backdoors that enable ‘peeping’ from authorities. It’s a breach of our privacy and therefore, ADAMANT, are adamant that they already put an end to it. ADAMANT is the most private messenger possible. Within ADAMANT, you are never required to register with an email, a phone number or any personal details. Your IP address is hidden and your device’s data is never accessed. Moreover, you’re working alongside the incredible encryption of the blockchain, making this a totally flawless project. The blockchain allows for end to end encryption with your messages. This means only the sender and receiver has access to the content and thus, it can never be accessed by third parties. There are no backdoors on the blockchain. As a blockchain project, it would be wrong to disregard crypto, this is why ADAMANT not only allows for totally private messages, it also facilitates the peer to peer transfer of Ethereum within chats (Bitcoin, Lisk, etc. in dev), as well as the native ADM currency of course.

ADAMANT Messenger released to the Apple Store

Last week the ADAMANT Tech Labs LP Team has released the official Messenger— the application is now available for download in the Apple Store. Adamant Screenshot on App Store iOS listing is a step ahead, allowing ADAMANT to grow its user base. Also, ADAMANT is available Online, and for Android (beta). Not long ago, ADAMANT Messenger Web applications was updated with new design, which looks more convenient. Adamant Screenshot of Login Screen

Improving dPoS

As you know, dPoS has many implementations, but in real world they have its weak parts. ADAMANT has improved dPoS, to consider the Node Productivity and Number of user’s votes and call it Fair dPoS Delegate System. Adamant Blockchain Messenger Diagram As a result, the impact of «thick wallets» reduced to reasonable, and the entry point for forging will become much more attractive. Impact of Productivity will motivate delegates to run nodes on more powerful machines, rather than cheap ones. No less important is the dynamics — buying and selling ADM and delegates’ Productivity will regularly rebuild the list of 101 forging delegates, and each delegate in waiting (Standby) is more likely to return to forging when rebuilding the network’s votes. To join forging and receive rewards, the Team allows an easy instruction how to do it. Now is the best time for that — thanks to Fair dPoS it is easy enough to catch the place in the first 101 list.

Buy ADM tokens now

Though the ADAMANT ICO is successfully finished, now you can still buy ADM tokens with the best price of 0.0006 ETH, and support the Project. You change your BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, LSK and even DOGE for ADM. According to Roadmap, the token planned to be listed on exchanges on Q3 2018, so you have to hurry up to get cheap tokens now.

What does the future hold for ADAMANT?

Next up, we will see the listing of ADM tokens on the major cryptocurrency markets and the full release of the ADAMANT messenger for Android. We will expect to see a big marketing push from the ADAMANT team and the establishment of new and exciting business partnerships. This is an exciting time for social media and online messaging too. The future is security and ADAMANT know this. By giving us a platform for safer, smarter and more private communication, ADAMANT are handing the power back to our hands. It’s our data and our privacy, it’s our right to own it.

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