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Bitcoin (BTC): The Digital Land Grab And A Game Of Accumulation
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Bitcoin (BTC): The Digital Land Grab And A Game Of Accumulation

Bitcoin Chart With Values Chart for BNC:BLX (1M) Bitcoin (BTC) is the digital land grab. Why do people see real estate as a relatively safe investment? That is because there is a limited number of land available and as time goes by the urge to own a greater percentage of it will keep Homo sapiens competing. Before the introduction of financial chicanery that has resulted in people getting robbed left, right and centre for decades, there was a time when people valued tangible assets the most. Today, the problem of double spending has gotten completely out of hand. Governments and central banks have been printing money out of thin air, capitalizing on the naiveté of the public. Before all of this happened, to most people there were two most valuable assets: land and gold. Not cash, bonds or worse stock derivatives. This is because there is limited number of land and gold on planet Earth and by simple supply and demand, it is reasonable to expect that their prices will only rise in future. Both of these lost their luster with an evolving stock market and the introduction of complex financial derivatives, most of which have played no role in the growth of our economy at all. In fact, they have hindered it as we all witnessed how broken mortgage backed securities triggered the recent financial crisis. Bitcoin Chart With Values Chart for Blockchain Wallet Users Once again, we are at a time in history when millennials are beginning to realize the importance of tangible assets as well as the need for effective ownership, but they want to do it their way. This is why Bitcoin (BTC) has been gaining so much popularity over the past few years. People across the globe are increasingly beginning to doubt governments and central banks that seem to have no idea about how to deal with the mess they have created over the years. This is why a large majority of the public in countries like Venezuela, Turkey and Iran are already switching to Bitcoin (BTC). There will only be a total of 21 million Bitcoin (BTC) that will come into existence. 17.2 million of those Bitcoin (BTC) have already been mined. This means that 82% of Bitcoin (BTC) is currently owned by people across the globe. There are large mining companies that own a significant portion of Bitcoin (BTC)’s circulating supply but that is eventually supposed to get transferred to the global population. According to a research report by Coinbase and ARK in 2016, the global adoption of Bitcoin (BTC) was only 0.3%. Bitcoin Chart With Values Chart for BTC/USD (1W) Out of a total world population of 7.2 billion, only 21.6 million have exposure to Bitcoin (BTC). This means that 99.7% of the world has yet to buy, store or use Bitcoin (BTC). For the early investors, this would be much like 1492 when Christopher Columbus discovered America. For those that buy 5 to 10 years from now, it will be like the land boom of 1920s and for those that buy 15 to 20 years from now, it will be like buying a piece of property today.

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