A Group Of Ethereum Stakeholders Are Set To Meet Today, Implications Could Be Huge

A Group Of Ethereum Stakeholders Are Set To Meet Today, Implications Could Be Huge
According to reports, a number of prolific Ethereum Stakeholders are set to meet this afternoon at 14:00 UTC. The meeting is set to be live streamed here and will be used to address a number of plans and implementations that have been established on the Ethereum network. It is also expected that the meeting will allow stakeholders to discuss further improvements, some of which are likely to stir up some controversy, but then cryptocurrency wouldn’t be cryptocurrency without a clash of opinions would it? It’s alleged that there are going to be three key topics covered, three that could have big implications for the future of the Ethereum network and all on it, depending on the outcome of the discussions. These topics are set to include Ether Issuance, the Difficulty Bomb and ASIC Resistance. According to Coindesk, these have been categorised as vital topics, as:
“Each could have a lasting impact on how the blockchain operates. For instance, these code proposals could alter the regularity of ethereum upgrades, change the network's economic policy and prevent specialized hardware from mining on the blockchain. As such, core developers that usually attend the meetings have called for a larger set of voices, namely ether miners and investors, to be present to discuss a way forward.”
Furthermore, Afri Schoedon, one of the stakeholders and an Ethereum software provider has told Coindesk, in reference to the difficulty bomb:
"There is a strong community sentiment toward delaying the bomb, to reduce the block reward and to introduce changes to the hashing algorithm, however, it's unclear how we proceed from here."
Of course, no changes are going to be made at this meeting and any changes discussed/agreed on will need to be implemented over time, therefore this isn’t going to mean we wake up tomorrow with a new Ethereum network, though it is likely that this meeting is going to kickstart a bit of a snowball that will get a number of miners, investors and developers working together to try and implement the agreed changes in good time. What I mean by this, is, don’t expect Ethereum to skyrocket tomorrow because of this meeting. Tune in and watch the debate, it could provide some interesting context and is no doubt going to give us all a far clearly picture as the the future of Ethereum and all the many projects that operate within it. References Coindesk
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