Unilever To Roll Out Large Scale Project In Singapore

Unilever To Roll Out Large Scale Project In Singapore
Unilever are a UK and Netherlands based company which operate as a consumer products firm, producing products for a range of industries including food, beverages, cleaning products and hygiene products. Unilever span the globe, with an estimated revenue of $62.62 Billion in 2017. Therefore, as a global power, it’s hardly a surprise that they are now working with blockchain technology. According to The Drum, Unilever are spearheading a blockchain data project in partnership with Blis and two investment firms, Endeit and Beringea. The project is said to be running on the IBM Blockchain and thus will be working on ready tested technology. The project is alleged to have stemmed from new demands within data protection and transparency, s a result, they want to streamline the way they hold, collect and verify demographic data. Through the recent European GDPR data protection law changes, Unilever want to improve both their compliance and of course, the service of their customers. According to The Drum, Luis Di Como, the Executive Vice President for Global Media at Unilever has said:
“Unilever are committed to partnering with organisations which create better digital infrastructure. This new capability is an important step towards transparency and clarity in data provenance and compliance across our global activity.”
Moreover, Chief Executive Officer at Blis, Greg Isbister has said:
“We’ve taken an innovative approach to tracking geographical data for digital advertising to solve a critical problem. Combining our deep expertise with blockchain technology will allow us to deliver a new solution that will address the growing trust, accountability and transparency needs that are pressing the advertising industry.”
You can see the full report for yourself, here. The blockchain is revolutionising about every industry that has access to a computer. By keeping on top of the game and by branching out into this technology, Unilever might change the face of the consumer products industry for good. By ensuring transparency within their data handling, Unilever are preparing for a world that offers consumers more control of their data, in line with the promise that blockchain offers to give us back control of how large companies can manipulate us.
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