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Top Four Breakout Coins For July 2018 - BTC, EOS, TRX, & ETC
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Top Four Breakout Coins For July 2018 - BTC, EOS, TRX, & ETC

As we settle into July 2018, we want to explore some of the coins that have the potential to breakout this month. This is mostly because we want to inject some faith back into the markets. The past few months have been pretty low for the value of cryptocurrencies and as a result, the community is feeling a little withdrawn. This is an attempt to cheer you all up a little bit, at the very least, so here we have it - Crypto Daily’s top four breakout coins for July 2018! Before we begin, please remember that this is not investment advice. Cryptocurrency investment is a risky business, the markets are volatile and predictions are never fully accurate. Take this advice as a part of your research to allow you to make your own safe and informed investment decisions. Bitcoin (BTC) If a breakout takes place, Bitcoin will lead the way, that’s a given. Since Bitcoin reigns as the dominant cryptocurrency, it’s movements are reflected by other currencies within the market so before we begin to even talk about which coins will breakout, we have to assume that Bitcoin will be one of them. Bitcoin is expected to reach $20,000.00 again, one day, though as it stands we can’t even begin to predict when this may be. We do know however that such a leap will require a large amount of institutional interest, something we have failed to see thus far. EOS EOS has broken out very previously and therefore, we can only hope that EOS does the same thing again. Since it’s surge in April, we now know EOS is capable of hitting beyond $20.00, therefore we expect EOS to regain its former value soon. If EOS manages to move up to $15.00 in the coming weeks, EOS will breakout in July, it’s as simple as that. TRON (TRX) TRON has had a slow couple of months. With the TRON mainnet launch and the migration of the TRX token, in terms of value, TRON has had very little luck. Since July is the first full month for the ‘new TRON’ we could very well see it’s value rack back up through increased interest and investment. Now all the relevant upgrades have been carried out, TRON is ready to start to climb again. At the vest least, this is one to watch this month. Ethereum Classic (ETC) Ethereum Classic has had a fantastic few weeks off the back of news of a new listing on Coinbase. Whilst we don’t have a date for this yet, we do expect an official announcement to be made in July which will encourage the price of ETC upwards. We could even see the listing go live this month which in turn would have an incredible impact on the value of ETC.

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