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The Start Of The Google Crypto Revolution, How Will Google Tackle It? Is It Time For Google Coin?

The Start Of The Google Crypto Revolution, How Will Google Tackle It? Is It Time For Google Coin?
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This week, cryptocurrency news has been riddled with two things - firstly, market price spikes and secondly, Google. As little as a month ago, Google seemed to be very much anti-crypto. In following the likes of Facebook and Twitter, Google banned cryptocurrency advertising and have been relatively quiet about crypto on the whole. As a tech giant, we would expect the opposite to occur, and thus, it’s surprising that Google haven’t already cemented themselves as a key part of the cryptocurrency revolution. Over the past week though, Google have hit headlines for a number of reasons. Foremost, their sudden decision to allow cryptocurrency advertising again and also, the appearance of new cryptocurrencies within the native Google currency converter. Very interestingly, the sudden decision to allow for cryptocurrency advertising came with no warning, it just sort of happened. Coinbase, eToro and various other adverts started to appear and the community soon cottoned on to it. We must also mention this - a new partnership between Google Cloud and Digital Asset, a blockchain app company. See the story for yourself, here. What are Google going to do going forward? How are they going to cement themselves as real contenders in the crypto race? It’s not unrealistic to imagine a Google based cryptocurrency exchange. Moreover, Google Pay and Android Pay could one day integrate a cryptocurrency wallet and even cryptocurrency payment options., Bitcoin, XRP, EOS etc. Google have the infrastructure and they already have the products, we believe that it’s just a matter of time before cryptocurrencies become a true integrated part of these services. Of course, an opportunity could present itself for Google to tap into actual cryptocurrency production. Google Coin, or something to that effect could become an integrated asset as a part of the entire Google network. Because Google are so huge, there is great scope for such a project. We can’t guarantee that Google will enter the blockchain and crypto space in this way, however we can speculate on the matter. Google are tech giants. The future of technology exists within the blockchain and frankly, cryptocurrency is a key part of that. All of a sudden, Google look to be opening their doors to this blockchain universe, let’s hope we finally hear some official word from them soon enough.

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