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The Crypto Refresh July 8th 2018

Happy Sunday one and all. We are back with the Crypto Refresh, a concise analysis and reminder of the weeks cryptocurrency news, in the words of Crypto Daily. This week we have seen a very unsteady market. The surface has been uneven and overall, we closed this week feeling a little uneasy. July promises to be a better month but let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet.

The Crypto Refresh briefly touches upon some key news stories from the week, however, if you’ve missed it and want a full record of this weeks goings on, trawl through out breaking news archies, which you can find, here.

UK Food standards agency trial blockchain

The UK Food Standard agency have been exploring blockchain technology to streamline and improve transparency within the food supply chain. Blockchain within the food industry is big business and therefore any findings made within these trials will be taken very seriously.

Crypto sales have doubled according to PwC
According to professional services firm PwC, since 2017 cryptocurrency sales have doubled. Even with tumbling markets, it does seem as if cryptocurrencies are still on the rise.

India supreme court won’t lift crypto ban
India’s supreme court have this week refused to lift the cryptocurrency ban established by the Reserve Bank of India. Since this decision, the RBI official deadline has arrived and thus, the entire crypto-scape in India is about to change, for good.

Japanese FSA to shake up regulations

The Financial Services Agency in Japan are going to re-assess their current cryptocurrency regulations, which may impose further restrictions on exchanges working within Japan.

The new york post believes bitcoin is a ponzi scheme

A journalist from The New York Post uploaded a rather strange article about how he believes Bitcoin is a Ponzi Scheme. He’s wrong of course, but the article caused a stir.

Ripple hit with yet another lawsuit

Ripple have been served another lawsuit based on the notion that XRP could be a security. This is the third high case court order against Ripple now and thus, the future for XRP is starting to look a little uncertain.

Tom Lee still bullish on bitcoin

Fundstradt founder Tom Lee is still bullish on Bitcoin and believes that the currency will see $20,000.00 before the end of 2018. This is down slightly from his previous estimate of $25,000.00, but then what’s $5000.00 between friends? sold
Famed domain has been sold to a cryptocurrency x Visa card start up formerly known as Monaco.

It’s been a busy week for cryptocurrency news and as ever, news continues to fly in. Keep up to date with the latest and greatest crypto-headlines on and we’ll see you next week!

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