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The Crypto Refresh July 1st 2018

The Crypto Refresh July 1st 2018
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It’s time for the crypto refresh, our weekly installment of the finest and fastest cryptocurrency news. We know you are all busy people and often don’t have the time to trawl through the headlines, therefore, we do the hard work for you. Make a brew, sit back and read away. I’ll warn you, it has been a bit of a bad week for the markets and thus, this weeks news may appear to be a little unsettling. Zcash Overwinter Zcash carried out a hard fork as a part of their overwinter programme. This marks the start of a new era for Zcash that hopes to grow as a result of this. Sadly though, the markets have hampered any potential progression that Zcash could have otherwise made. Bahamas Central Bank Want a Cryptocurrency The Bahamas central bank are dabbling within cryptocurrencies and are now exploring the implications of a central bank digital currency. New Ethereum Tokens We have seen further information about a new protocol on Ethereum that promises to solve all the problems found within the ERC-20 token. The new ERC-1155 token promises to totally change the future for altcoins. TRON Token Migration As a part of the TRON mainnet roll out, TRON finally kickstarted the TRX token migration process, which is allowing for the movement of TRX tokens from the ERC-20 format onto its own native token. Australia and New Zealand Against Crypto The central banks of Australia and New Zealand have spoken out against cryptocurrencies, although in this, they have no actually made moves to regulate them. So, no need to worry just yet. TRON and ZenCash Now on PornHub TRON and ZenCash have been added to PornHub alongside recently added Verge. The adult entertainment and crypto-universe once again join forces and take a step towards cryptocurrency adoption. Facebook List Crypto Advert Ban Facebook have lifted their ban on cryptocurrency advertising, however some terms do apply and as it stands, ICO advertisement will still be banned by the company. Huobi Pro Withdraw from Japan Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Pro have ceased trading in Japan due to the pressure from Japanese authorities which new require cryptocurrency exchanges to meet a whole host of new regulations and specifications. NEO to Make Mystery New Announcement This one is hardly news, but NEO have published a very cryptic tweet, one that has really got the NEO community talking. And that’s a wrap. Of course, this and so much more has happened this week, therefore for a full and comprehensive review, check out our breaking news page - Until next time!

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