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Market Update: XRP, BCH, EOS, LTC, ADA Flying High
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Market Update: XRP, BCH, EOS, LTC, ADA Flying High

Finally, the markets have changed their tune. Perhaps July is going to be the month for cryptocurrencies after all? This morning, off the back of a slight surge yesterday afternoon, the markets are flying high, with many of the major cryptocurrencies up by climbs of 10% and more. At this stage it is important that we don’t let this get the better of us. Ultimately, this could be down to correction more than a full market recovery, if this is the case, we can only expect this performance to continue into the afternoon. If however, this rate of climb continues, we could very well expect to see a full market recovery through the early days of July. This is a promising prospect indeed. Let’s take a look at the standings. At the time of writing, Ripple XRP is valued at $0.50, up 10.56%. Hopefully XRP can remain over $0.50, this would indicate some new growth for a currency that has struggled to make a come back since the market crash. This, combined with controversy surrounding Ripple and XRP as a security really has extinguished XRP’s flame. Even so though, XRP will move past $1.00 again, this is something we are all quite certain of. Bitcoin Cash, at the time of writing is valued at $806.13, up 10.04%. Finally Bitcoin Cash has broken past the $800.00 threshold. If it continues to move so positively, we could see Bitcoin Cash reach $1,000.00 by next week, although this would require a perfect performance from the currency. For now, with $850.00 in sight, this remains as a currency to keep an eye on. At the time of writing, EOS is valued at $9.11, up 13.81%. When EOS surges, so do the rest of the markets. Last time EOS breached $10.00, we saw a bull run take off, pushing Bitcoin close to $10,000.00. Whilst we can’t be sure this is happening at the moment, a continuous positive climb from EOS will see the markets straighten out, that’s for sure. Likewise, at the time of writing, Litecoin is valued at $87.99, up 10.63%. Litecoin is still very much undervalued. By slipping below $100.00, Litecoin has taken extensive damage. With this in mind though, the current surge in Litecoin should see its value move past $100.00 with ease in the coming days, assuming it is able to continue on this positive trajectory. Cardano, at the time of writing, is valued at $0.16, up 16.93%. In terms of the top ten cryptocurrencies, Cardano is seeing the biggest climb at the moment, therefore, this really is a currency to keep an eye on today, these things only happen for a reason. At the very least, this current positivity proves that the markets do have the power and the capacity to climb up. Hopefully, this trend continues and hopefully we see the markets move back towards Aprils values. Only then will we be able to dream of the glory seen at the end of 2017. Perhaps July really will be the month for crypto.

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