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Lots Of New Features Coming For UnicornGo!

Lots Of New Features Coming For UnicornGo!
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UnicornGo Blockchain Game There are not many games based on blockchain and cryptocurrencies that manage to become mobile, but UnicornGo is about to succeed in this. In fact, there is just few days left to the opening of the mobile version, which offers an extremely simple and intuitive interface in which the user unicorns and those on the market are well highlighted, with all their graphic features and abilities. Another important milestone is therefore to be reached by this unique crypto game, which unites collecting unicorns to an advanced genetic system, developed by real scientists, a virtual world in which to grow them, and prospects for the future that go beyond any other cryptogame. UnicornGo Blockchain Game Feature The game includes an internal Exchange, which has recently renewed the look, in which you can easily exchange the UnicornGo tokens, another token used in the world of UnicornGo called MegaCandy, the tokens of the Universa network (platform on which the game will migrate in the near future) and the Ethereum, the crypto core currency of UnicornGo and many other crypto games. The adoption of EtherZero, a system that makes all transactions within the game extremely fast and at no cost, is nearing completion. On the same platform, the developers of UnicornGo are creating a new Exchange, called ZeroDelta, which exploits its full potential and will therefore be able to surpass any other Exchange based on Ethereum, in terms of speed and transaction prices. As the latest news coming soon, we mention the re-design of the market in the game, which will soon be much more colorful and pleasant to see. We would also like to remind you that the future developments of UnicornGo include the adoption of the augmented reality technology developed by the IZETEX group, with which you will be able to see your unicorns interact with the real world and even more interesting and revolutionary, the neural interfaces developed by Basis Neuro, with which it will be possible to play UnicornGo using the mental commands, a futuristic feature will surely make UnicornGo one of the pioneering games in this market. UnicornGo website Telegram: UnicornGo Blockchain Game Circle Feature

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