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Learn About Menlo One, A Future For Blockchain Technology

Learn About Menlo One, A Future For Blockchain Technology
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Menlo One introduces a brand new framework for the production of decentralised applications on the blockchain. A focus for Menlo One is speed and thus, their innovative platform offers developers the ability, with a Proof-of-Reputation incentive, to produce the Web 3.0 generation of marketplaces, social media platforms and DApps. You can find out more about Menlo One, here Menlo One is a ‘Framework for Scaling the Decentralized Economy’ and promises to be the next Wordpress, in terms of its capabilities in comparison to similar applications such as LAMP. There are three main justifications for this claim: Firstly, Menlo One operates via a cross-chain node, meaning that applications built with Menlo One have a seamless user experience across all blockchains including Ethereum, NEM, and the soon to be Hashgraph and EOS. This is as a result of Menlo One’s automated transaction API. Next, Menlo One is fully decentralised, there are no administrators, meaning a Proof-of-Reputation algorithm is able to autonomously incentivise specific behaviours within the Menlo One ecosystem. As a result of this, those users who prove valuable to the Menlo One platform are rewarded accordingly. Finally, Menlo One operates via a decentralised database. This uses a cache to store data from multiple blockchains meaning that users will experience lightening speeds, as if they are simply just browsing a traditional web application when using DApps that have been built through the Menlo One framework. To Summarize: Menlo One is a blockchain technology, with the advantages of cloud performance. Users are paid for their value, yet still retain the rights and control of their own data and even get paid for hosting it. Finally, Menlo One is fully decentralised. You can view the full Menlo One Whitepaper, here: (other languages are available on their website). The initial presale of the token native to Menlo One MET goes live on the 16th of July 2018. MET is an ERC-20 based token, designed to compliment the Menlo one software and of course, designed as a product which can be built into new DApp ecosystem designed by developers on the blockchain. The Menlo One ICO is currently rated 4.3/5 on ICO Bench, 5/5 on Track ICO, and 8.8/10 on ICO Marks, therefore you can be confident that this is indeed an ICO to watch. Menlo One is a promising product, built upon advanced technology across a unique idea. Don’t miss this one!

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