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Is TRON’s Big Secret, Their Worst Kept Secret?

Is TRON’s Big Secret, Their Worst Kept Secret?
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Before we dive into the speculation, let’s take a little look at the state of TRON and TRX, then let’s recap on what has been an incredible two months for the TRON Foundation. At the time of writing, TRX is valued at $0.035, down 1.19%. Overall, TRX is ranked 11th for market capitalisation according to TRX has remained in a stagnant position over the past two months due to the launch and roll out of the TRON mainnet. To summarise, TRON has migrated its operations from the Ethereum blockchain to a new, TRON-made blockchain. Alongside this, the TRX token has moved from the Ethereum ERC-20 protocol to a new, custom built TRX token. Along with this, a few other additions have been made, including TRON availability on PornHub and the launch of a new TRON super representatives community. Overall, investors had hoped that these developments within TRON would help to skyrocket the value of TRX, realistically though, TRX has remained still and has thus far struggled to breach $0.040. The 30th of July 2018 promises to bring a brand new announcement for TRON, in what is being coined as the teams biggest secret to date. In one weeks time, what should we expect? Well, alongside all the TRON news, Justin Sun, the founder of TRON also made the purchase of BitTorrent, for a value of around $140 million. BitTorrent is a large scale torrent-download platform with a customer base of over 170 million users. So naturally, the internet is beginning to speculate that this big secret announcement must have something to do with BitTorrent, as thus far, Sun has remained pretty quiet about the whole thing. Card Is this TRON’s worst kept secret? Possibly so. We’ll have to wait until the 30th of July to see if we are right. Whilst we can’t work out what a TRON x BitTorrent integration will bring, we can only assume that BitTorrent will be mentioned in TRON’s Monday announcement.

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