Introducing The Real Mr Crypto

Introducing The Real Mr Crypto
Everyone wants to be Mr Crypto, just look at the crypto celebrity scene, it’s full of self proclaimed experts and cryptocurrency figureheads. According to the Jersey Evening Post however, we have a new Mr Crypto. Before we begin, let’s remember that Jersey is fast becoming a central hub for cryptocurrency and the blockchain industry. Jersey exists as a UK tax haven and is starting to foster a bit of a crypto revolution, with large companies such as Binance moving their operations to the island. Actually, it is this Binance move that is alleged to have caused the birth of the real Mr Crypto - Chris Griffin. According to the Jersey Evening Post:
“At the start of last year, Chris Griffin was new to the cryptocurrency scene, but in June of 2017 he helped with the launch of the world’s first crypto-denominated fund from Jersey-based company, Global Advisors.”
Furthermore, Griffin said:
“I knew very little about crypto this time last year, but because we did this one fund, suddenly people started making enquiries. I spent most of my evenings reading and learning and getting up the knowledge curve along with lots of other service providers in the Island. Luckily on this island our existing legal and regulatory framework can accommodate quite a lot. We don’t need that time-consuming consultation process for lots of new law just to cater for digital assets. We’re in a good place in that regard.”
See more for yourself, here. Griffin is a partner at Carey Olsen, a legal firm with a firm interest in Jersey as a part of the cryptocurrency revolution. Through his legal prowess and expertise, Griffin seems to be heading moves for regulation that in turn will help authorities in Jersey nurture a sophisticated crypto environment. This will also include the facilitation of ICOs, something that Griffin has shown a great willingness to be a part of. It is clear that with Carey Olsen and through a close partnership with Binance, Griffin wants to see Jersey exist as a prolific figure within the expanding cryptocurrency universe. He can see that behind crypto is a community that thrives off passion and a feeling of togetherness that promises to guide each other into a more prosperous future. According to the Jersey Evening Post, Griffin concludes:
‘I think you’ll see a continued growth in the local digital assets eco-system, a growth in that community and that will become a self-fulfilling prophecy, because the more people who are here, the more people will come and the more locals will get trained up. A few more businesses will come to Jersey and we’ll shortly reach critical mass.’
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