Here’s How You Can Make $100K, Quick, John McAfee Style

Here’s How You Can Make $100K, Quick, John McAfee Style
Right okay, this isn’t a get rich scheme, unless you’re an ethical hacker. Also, it also relies on John McAfee being wrong about the security parameters of his own wallet. So actually, you might not be able to make $100,000.00 quick, however the opportunity to make $100,000.00 should be enough to tickle your tastebuds regardless. The McAfee led wallet, Bitfi claims to be the world's first entirely unhackable device. As a result, McAfee is offering a $100,000.00 bounty for anyone who is able to hack a Bitfi device and successfully extract currency from it. Not only will they receive the reward, they also get to keep the coins they steal. Though, McAfee is adamant that this is not a bounty programme, although it obviously is. McAfee believes that since Bitfi is so unhackable, it can’t be a bounty programme because there are no vulnerabilities to to reveal. Seriously… Tech Times have recently reported on this story and in their report, reveal some other interesting facts about this bounty, or not-bounty. According to Tech Times:
“Here are some caveats to remember: anyone who wants to participate in the bounty program has to buy a Bitfi wallet and purchase an additional $50 of cryptocurrency credits, which will be loaded onto the device.”
“The requirements needed to get $100,000 are simple enough: successfully extracting the coins and emptying the wallet will count as a successful hack. In addition, however, the person must provide proof that the wallet has indeed been emptied. It is difficult to imagine that anything in the world, especially with the tools available, is unhackable. In any case, it would be exciting to see whether hackers can prove both McAfee and Bitfi wrong.”
You can see the full article for yourself, here. So what do we think of this? Really, nothing is unhackable, therefore someone with enough skill and patience could probably quite easily make some money out of this. It’s also probably worthwhile as it would be nice to allow McAfee to step down a peg. His feelings of ‘untouchableness’ are actually quite damaging to the industry. If not, and if he has genuinely created the world's first unhackable product then fair play to him, credit where credit is due. I guess now we need to just wait and see what happens. Is it hackable? WIll McAfee pay out the bounty? Or is this just one big publicity stunt?
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