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Hedger Tech: How To Insure Your Cryptocurrencies
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Hedger Tech: How To Insure Your Cryptocurrencies

Hedger Tech Featured Banner In the past months, Bitcoin has been in a steady decline. This can be attributable to several factors including market correction, investors moving to different types of investments or just bad press on hacks on exchanges and threat of regulation. Hedger Tech is willing to insure your crypto currencies despite the decline in months. Why? It’s because any type of investment needs insurance. As insurance in the crypto space is limited as of today, the fund managers being Hedger believe the steady decline of Bitcoin in the past months is a setback for a major comeback. Market outlook: Hedger.Tech believes in the future of blockchain technology. A reason why it continues to believe in crypto currency is because of the assurance this will revolutionize technology. A financial analyst from the company mentioned, “In the last decade, what have we invented that has changed our way of life? 3D Printers, Self-Driving Cars, Drones? What’s an invention that is widespread, can reach developing countries and have challenged centralised governments? Blockchain and Crypto Currencies. This is why it’s worth investing in the future of Crypto.” What is unique about this Token is that they are also pursuing licenses from Central Banks. It has disclosed its first Regulatory partner, Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) in the Philippines, which enables them to accept fiat currencies or institutional money. They are actively pursuing other Financial Institutions for partners.
How do you “insure” cryptocurrencies? You have to exchange your cryptocurrencies into Hedger (HDR) coins. They will give you the HDR equivalent of your BTC at a “fixed price” of BTC. At anytime, you can “buy-back” or exchange the same amount of HDR coins to the same price equivalent of BTC at the fixed price. In a significant decline in the price of BTC, you can exchange your BTC at the “fixed price” with the Hedger coins you purchased. The blockchain technology enables them to track at what price you purchased the Hedger coins then exchange this back at its former price. They can do this through their Hedger Funds, pool of funds (fiat and in crypto currencies) will be used to manage, diversify and improve your investments. Similar to how Insurance companies manage their businesses and how hedge funds provide a ROI, they will use the Hedger Funds to sustain the “buy-back” transaction of their clients. We recommend hedger as an innovative solution to price declines in Crypto. Their ICO token price is only at $0.05. Know more on their website:

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