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FCoin Announced New Listing Of GPM, INK And SAC Included

On July 18, FCoin announced new listing of its GPM. INK (CREATIVE Minds Deserve INK) and SAC (Smart Application Chain) were officially listed and opened the deposit and withdraw functions.

What is FCoin?

FCoin is the world’s first autonomous digital asset trading platform with transparency, and will distribute 80% of the revenue to FT holders on schedule. Many investors are attracted by FCoin’s innovative trading platform model, and FCoin’s transaction volume ranks first among the “trans-mining” trading platforms. The listing rule of FCoin GPM adopts the mechanism of “The cumulative deposit number ranking”. FCoin will count the top 10 of the “The cumulative deposit number ranking” at 0:00 each day, and obtaining listing qualification on the second day. INK was in the top 10 of “The cumulative deposit number ranking”, thus got the qualification to launch on FCoin.

INK Project Information (Source: FCoin Website)

Full Name:  INK

Token Symbol:INK





INK will be used under many scenarios, such as all economic behaviours in the Creative Industry, key applications and services in Ink ecosystem including IP registration & verification, IP Asset Exchange, etc.

The vision of Ink is to provide Sovereign Consortium Blockchain to different use cases, to redefine roles, content and behaviours within the industry, and to build for the Creative Industry a decentralised infrastructure in which various applications can be created and correlate to each other under one highly integrated system.

Description of Token (Utility/Use Cases):

INK tokens are the ERC-20 standard token. INK is defined as a utility token. As an essential economic medium, INK will be used under many scenarios, such as all economic behaviours in the Creative Industry, key applications and services in Ink ecosystem including IP registration & verification, IP Asset Exchange, etc.

Detailed Roadmap and Milestones:

Apr, 2016   Ziggurat tech, member of Ink council, received seed-round investment.
Oct, 2016   Ziggurat IP Asset Management platform ( based on blockchain was launched.
Dec, 2016   The number of original works registered on surpassed 6000. More than 10 partnerships were formed with Ziggurat.
Mar, 2017   Founding team of Ink established the core mission and roadmap.
Apr, 2017   Founding team of Ink received million-dollar angel investment, and the project entered a new phase.
May, 2017   Founding team of Ink were invited to the Big Data Expo and signed Strategic Partnership with Guiyang Government in China.
Jun, 2017   The official Ink team was established, with experts in blockchain, IP incubation, management and operation.
Jul, 2017   Team Ink received multimillion-dollar Pre-A round financing.
Sep, 2017   Ink Sovereign Consortium Blockchain entered testing phase.
Oct, 2017   Whitepaper of Ink to be officially released
Nov, 2017   Ink to complete international roadshow
Dec, 2017   Ink Sovereign Consortium Blockchain is officially online
Jan, 2018   Release INK blockchain explorer
Feb, 2018   Release official INK wallet
Mar, 2018   Beta launch of IP Asset Exchange.
Apr, 2018   Ink cross-chain protocol closed test
Apr, 2018   INKubator crowd-funding platform (beta version) went online
May, 2018   INKubator exchange platform (beta version) went online
May, 2018   INKchain sovereignty alliance chain reached Tendermint agreement
May, 2018   INKchain Explorer (beta version) went online
May, 2018   Ink Blockchain developer service BaaS platform—INKstone beta 2.0 went online
Jun, 2018   INKchain decentration DApp—INKwork beta went online
Jun, 2018   INKDAppstore went online
Jul, 2018   INKubator crowd-funding platform completes its first IP crowd-funding
Aug, 2018   INKubator Exchange platform opens IPToken transactions officially
In the future we will constantly develop new applications to build Blockchain 3.0 ecology

Core Members Introduction:

Walter Komarek
Walter is the CEO, President and Managing Partner of Forbesfone (the biggest telecom company in Malta). He is also the CEO of Angel Investment. Walter is a well-versed figure in the European telecom market. He is a master in business strategy and business development. He graduated from the University of Salzburg and fluent in German, English and Russian.

Tsukikawa Yuu
Yuu is an employee in Recruit. He is an active promoter of blockchain development in Japan. As an early investor of Bitcoin, he maintains long-term cooperation with the largest cryptocurrency trading platform ZAIF in Japan and provides consultancy service. He received double degrees in law from Waseda University and international relations from Peking University He previously worked for HNTV as a TV show host of “Up and up, Young Man!” and “Day Day Up”.

Choi June
She is a blockchain industry enthusiast, an early adopter of cryptocurrency, and a cross-cultural communication ambassador.
She studied at Peking University and received Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Chinese Language and Literature.

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