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Did We Convince You, Is Cryptocurrency Like A Video Game?
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Did We Convince You, Is Cryptocurrency Like A Video Game?

Over the past week we have covered a story and a number of topics exploring the idea that cryptocurrency and the crypto-industry is like a video game. To recap our hypothesis:
“When you think about it, cryptocurrency investment takes hold a similar format to a video game. You begin with an alias, a new focus point (your private key for example) and then take action to achieve an objective in the quickest and most cost-effective way. Actions are traded for points (cryptocurrencies) but if you slip up or take too much of a risk, you’re likely to lose some of these points. Loose to many, you lose the game.There’s more. We could get into patterns of addiction that come through cryptocurrency investment and compare that to addictive behaviour within gaming. Also, there’s the community aspect too. Fandom, celebrity and technology also play huge parts in cryptocurrencies.”
Within this, we have explored the following topics- Cryptocurrency as game play, cryptocurrency addiction, a comparison between the crypto and gaming communities, fandom and celebrity in cryptocurrency and finally, how gaming technology can help us predict the future for blockchain technology. Through this exploration we have drawn a number of conclusions, conclusions that help justify our initial hypothesis. Yes, the cryptocurrency and gaming communities are very similar and therefore, cryptocurrency itself can be considered a game. I must highlight that I don’t mean to undermine cryptocurrency by saying this. Yes, it is a game, but it is a very serious and important one. Just because something can be presented as a game, it doesn’t make it novel or immature, actually in many instances it makes it far more serious in terms of its bearing on society. By being a game, cryptocurrency has become something that anybody can now get involved in. It is an open world through which people can build a life and make a life. This post just serves as a little summary of what we have discussed, so, if you’ve not been through it all already, you can access our stories below. Otherwise, let us know what you think in the comments below! Chapter 1: Cryptocurrency is Like a Video Game Chapter 2: Cryptocurrency as Game Play   Chapter 3: Cryptocurrency Addiction Chapter 4: Why the Crypto and Gaming Communities are Similar Chapter 5: Fandom and Celebrity in Cryptocurrency Chapter 6: Gaming Technology and the Future of Blockchain

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